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BerandaNasionalKakorlantas Polri: "Motorcycle Accidents 73%, Most During Homecoming Traffic"

Kakorlantas Polri: “Motorcycle Accidents 73%, Most During Homecoming Traffic”, JAKARTA – The National Police’s Traffic Corps (Korlantas) released data on a number of traffic accidents during the 2024 Eid homecoming flow. The majority of accidents involved motorbike users.

In his official statement, Kakorlantas Polri, Irjen Pol Aan Suhanan said, that accidents involving motorbikes during homecoming traffic reached 73%. Followed by vehicles carrying people or buses at 12%, goods transport at 10%, and private cars at 2%.

“The other 3%,” said Irjen Pol Aan to journalists, Friday, (12/4).

He said again, based on Korlantas records, thousands of incidents had also been recorded, both on toll and arterial roads. However, he continued, this number had decreased compared to the previous year.

“Nationally, traffic accidents have decreased from 2,159 to 1,835 or a decrease of 15%,” he said.

The decrease in the number of accidents is also proportional to the loss of life caused. This year, 281 people died due to accidents, a decrease of 3% compared to last year’s 291 people

“Meanwhile for those with serious injuries, there was an increase of 13% from 281 to 317. For minor injuries, it fell by 3.036 to 2.424. We compare this with the period of homecoming and returning last year, 2023,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Irjen Pol Aan continued, based on the type of accident, the most common incidents were bullfighting collisions. A total of 379 cases were recorded for this incident.

“The most common types of collisions are still front-front, down 25%, there are 433 (incidents). Then front-rear, there are 379 cases. Single accidents are quite high,” he said.

“Front and rear, meaning not keeping your distance. You could also be sleepy and crash, this rear-end is in second place. Well, in third place, this single accident was probably due to fatigue from microsleep and so on. This is a single accident with 342 cases,” he added.

For accident areas, he continued, most incidents occurred in the Polda Jawa Timur area. After that, the Polda Jawa Tengah and then the Polda Metro Jaya. (Bembo)

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