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BerandaOlahragaKapolda Metro Inaugurates Polda Metro Jaya's Bhayangkara Precision Semi Indoor Tennis Court

Kapolda Metro Inaugurates Polda Metro Jaya’s Bhayangkara Precision Semi Indoor Tennis Court

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto inaugurated the Bhayangkara Presisi semi-indoor tennis court located at the Polda Metro Jaya Headquarters Complex, Tuesday, (2/7) afternoon. This inauguration was marked by the forehand hitting of a tennis ball by Kapolda Karyoto and continued with the signing of the inauguration inscription.

The appearance of the tennis court that was inaugurated is indeed different from before. Apart from being renovated to be indoor from previously outdoor, the acrylic hard court also looks different. This can be seen from the speed of the ball and the hardness of the bounce of the ball being hit.

In his speech at the inauguration, Kapolda Karyoto expressed his deepest gratitude to BRI as the party sponsoring the tennis court renovation. He also said that the condition of Polda Metro Jaya’s tennis courts is now much different and better.

Starting from the orientation of the court to avoid interference from direct sunlight, to the selection of court surface materials that comply with International Tennis Federation (ITF) standards.

“With good quality tennis courts at Polda Metro Jaya, of course i hope that cooperation and coordination between work units or Satker will also be better and more solid,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

“This facility can also be a suitable medium for communication and friendship for Satker. Once again, thank you very much BRI for the assistance and support provided,” he added.

Also present at the inauguration were the Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto, Dirreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Wira Satya Triputra, Dirreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Safri Simanjuntak, Dirresnarkoba Polda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Hengki, Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Latif Usman, Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi and a number of other Polda Metro Jaya officials. (Bembo)

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