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BerandaHukum & KriminalKapolrestro Bekasi Secures Good Friday Commemoration at Mother Teresia Lippo Trinity Church

Kapolrestro Bekasi Secures Good Friday Commemoration at Mother Teresia Lippo Trinity Church, KAB. BEKASI – Kapolres Metro Bekasi, Kombes Pol Twedi Aditya Bennyahdi showed his commitment and concern for the security of residents by directly involved in providing security for the Good Friday commemoration at the Mother Teresia Lippo Trinity Church, Cikarang Selatan, Bekasi Regency, Friday, (29/3).

The presence of Kapolres Twedi Aditya Bennyahdi is not only a symbol of police presence. But it can also be interpreted as a manifestation of the police’s seriousness in maintaining order and security during religious celebrations.

In this assignment, the Kapolres Twedi also gave instructions to the Kapolsek’s in his area to ensure the security of Good Friday commemorations in churches throughout Bekasi.

“In order to ensure security during the Good Friday commemoration, we directly provided security at the Mother Teresia Lippo Trinity Church. I have also instructed all police chiefs in our area to maintain the security of the churches under their respective responsibilities,” said Kapolres Twedi.

Kapolres Twedi also reiterated his party’s commitment to continuing to maintain security and public order, especially during religious celebrations which are important moments for religious communities.

It is undeniable that this proactive step by the Kapolres Twedi has received appreciation from various parties, including church members who feel safer and more peaceful when carrying out their worship.

“We really appreciate the presence of the Kapolres and police to protect our security. This gives us peace in celebrating Good Friday,” said one of the congregation.

With tight security and direct attention from the police, the congregation hopes that the Good Friday commemoration throughout the Bekasi area can run smoothly and peacefully without any security disturbances. (Bembo)

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