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Kapolrestro Jakut: “Polri Needs Close Partnership of All Parties to Overcome Social Issues”, JAKARTA – The Polri cannot work alone to overcome social problems which are currently increasingly complex. The Polri needs close coordination and partnership with all parties to resolve this matter.

This was the official statement from the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan in his speech when inaugurating 10 administrators of the Jakarta Utara Kamtibmas Resort Pokdar (Awareness Group) in the Wirasatya Hall, Friday, (17/5).

“Today, i invite the PJU (Main Officials), the Kapolsek’s to agree with each other to create a safe and conducive atmosphere, especially in the Jakarta Utara area,” said Kapolres Gidion.

According to him, routine activities carried out together will create something spectacular. The activities carried out together, continued Kapolres Gidion, were able to create a breakthrough to shake off any negative plans and actions and in the end it would result in a positive atmosphere.

He also said, that the community empowerment that was built was a matter of trust. Therefore, the Pokdar Kamtibmas that he confirmed must be able to pay attention to this matter.

“Build trust together. We will definitely continue to build community empowerment,” he said.

Concluding his remarks, Kapolres Gidion didn’t forget to also express his thanks for the concern and role of Pokdar Kamtibmas in maintaining and resolving social problems.

“There are many things we have completed together. Brawls, juvenile delinquency and other criminal acts. Thank you to the Pokdar for doing something nice so that Jakarta Utara remains harmonious,” said Kapolres Gidion, closing his remarks. (Bembo)

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