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BerandaHukum & KriminalKorlantas Polri Officially Issues C1 SIMs throughout Indonesia

Korlantas Polri Officially Issues C1 SIMs throughout Indonesia, JAKARTA – Korlantas Polri today, Monday, (27/5) afternoon, officially issued class C1 driving licenses (SIM) throughout Indonesia. SIM C1 is valid for motorbikes with an engine capacity of 250 to 500 cubic centimeters (cc)

This inauguration was led directly by the Kakorlantas Polri, Irjen Pol Aan Suhanan at the Polda Metro Jaya SIM Satpas, Jalan Daan Mogot km 11, Jakarta Barat. Also present were the Dirregident Korlantas Polri, Brigjen Pol Yusri Yunus, Wakapolda for Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto, Dirlantas for Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Latif Usman, Kasubdit Regident for Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Arief Kurniawan and General Chair of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI), Bambang Soesatyo.

“Today we witnessed the launch of SIM C1 together. This is a mandate from Perpol,” said Irjen Pol Aan, starting his speech at the launch.

He explained, that the C1 SIM was issued based on the Republic of Indonesia State Police Regulation (Perpol) Number 5 of 2021 concerning the Issuance and Marking of Driving Licenses.

Differences in competency for issuing driving licenses are also regulated based on a study by the Korlantas Polri. Irjen Pol Aan hopes that the implementation of this classification of motorbike engines between capacities can reduce the number of traffic accidents.

“Hopefully we will also contribute to creating driving safety. Also in order to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the highway in the future,” said the 2-star police general who graduated from the Adhi Pradana Battalion of the 1988B Police Academy.

He also explained, that drivers who want to have a C1 SIM must be able to fulfill a number of requirements. Starting from taking the test to having a SIM C that has been valid for 1 year.

Drivers who will test for a C1 SIM will also take an attitude test. This test is intended to anticipate large vehicle convoys.

“Competence already has skills. There is knowledge, there is a theory test, there is a reading corner and so on as a form of fulfilling competency. Later, the Satpas will also be tested on their skills in driving vehicles with an engine capacity of 250 to 500 cc,” explained Irjen Pol Aan.

“So the differences between SIM C and SIM C1 competencies are clear. Later there will also be a C2 SIM. If it’s the same, it doesn’t mean there’s an increase in competence,” he added.

Furthermore, Irjen Pol Aan also said, that if nothing goes wrong next year, Korlantas Polri is also planning to implement a C2 SIM. This SIM is valid for motorbikes with an engine capacity of 500 cc and above.

“Next year we will launch C2, this is 500 CC and above. One of the conditions is that you have to have a SIM C for one year,” he emphasized again. (Bembo)

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