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Leading the OKJ Call, Kapolres Metro Jakut: “There is No Place for Criminals to Act in Jakarta Utara”, JAKARTA – Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan led the Street Crime Operation (OKJ) rally at the West Ramp of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) Tanjung Priok, Saturday, (25/5) evening. This roll call activity was attended by Polres Metro Jakarta Utara Criminal Investigation Unit, Polsek ranks, Kodim 0502/JU, Dishub, Satpol PP, and Pokdar Kamtibmas.

When giving his speech at the rally, Kapolres Gidion immediately firmly ordered his staff to be more active in carrying out patrols and night operations in order to suppress Kamtibmas disturbances in Jakarta Utara. He also invited all his staff to recharge their enthusiasm to suppress criminal disturbances.

“I invite all of us to recharge and reignite our enthusiasm to suppress criminal disturbances,” said Kapolres Gidion.

He revealed that a number of criminal acts had occurred in the Jakarta Utara jurisdiction. There was even a case that went viral and was carried out by residents of Tanjung Priok.

“We know that a few days ago there was a robbery in Cilincing and there was also a robbery that befell the victim, a police non-commissioned officer. It turns out the perpetrator was from Tanjung Priok,” he said.

“The newest one in Cilincing. The victim died as a result of being stabbed,” he added.

According to Kapolres Gidion, every criminal act can definitely be uncovered if there are firm steps taken by members of the Polri as protectors, guardians and servants of the community. He also emphasized that there is not even a single place for criminals to act in the Jakarta Utara area.

“There is not an inch of land that can be exploited by criminals in Jakarta Utara,” he said again.

At the end of his speech, Kapolres Gidion also expressed his hope that every task carried out together could create environmental Kamtibmas in society. All the efforts made by the police to maintain regional security are always useful and never in vain. (Bembo)

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