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Liquor Party Disbanded, Polda Metro 3P Team Patrol Also Picked Up 7 Brawl Perpetrators Carrying 5 Sickles, JAKARTA – City patrol and monitoring movements by the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya on Sunday, (2/6) early morning swept through the areas of Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan and Jakarta Barat. Big results from the patrol were reaped when the 3P Team commanded by Ipda Moch Januar Fauzy and Ipda Gandi Rezeki Sinaga from Platoon 2 succeeded in picking off 7 brawling teenagers from the streets in the Kembangan area, Jakarta Barat. 5 sharp sickle-type weapons were also obtained from them as evidence.

The sequence of this story begins from the Polda Metro 3P Team’s show of force patrol movement on Jalan Raya Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat at around 00.45 WIB. Entering at 01.09 WIB, the 3P Team moved into Jalan Kyai Maja, Jakarta Selatan for ring patrol.

At 02.54 WIB, while the patrol was combing the Selong area, Kebayoran Baru, the 3P Team saw a group of teenagers hanging out at a small party, drinking alcohol on Jalan Raden Patah. This small alcohol party was immediately disbanded by the 3P Team. The teenagers who were half drunk were also ordered to go home quickly even though the road was a little shaky.

Around 03.53 WIB,
city patrols and monitoring patrols, the 3P Team moved into Jalan Trunojoyo to anticipate the occurrence of 3C crimes (stealing, cheating, motor vehicle theft). The situation was safely under control, the patrol movement then headed towards Jalan Swadarma. At this point, the patrol team encountered a group of teenagers who were suspected of being about to start a brawl.

Inspections and searches were immediately carried out on them. It turned out that no evidence of sharp weapons or other dangerous materials was found. An attempt at a dialogical approach was then carried out. They were given advice and a warning to avoid brawls if they didn’t want to get into legal trouble. After that, everyone was ordered to disperse and return to their respective homes.

Approaching dawn, around 04.20 WIB, unexpectedly and unexpectedly, the 3P Team caught a fairly large class of carp in the Kembangan area, Jakarta Barat. A total of 7 teenagers who were involved in the brawl were successfully plucked from the streets in the area.

When they were examined and searched, the 5 sickle-type weapons they were carrying were also found as evidence. Bingo. These 7 teenagers were immediately forcibly dragged by the 3P Team to the Polsek Kembangan for further questioning. (Bembo)

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