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BerandaHukum & KriminalMaking Love Relations with His Young Stepdaughter Repeatedly, Depraved Father in Kemayoran...

Making Love Relations with His Young Stepdaughter Repeatedly, Depraved Father in Kemayoran was Arrested by the Police, JAKARTA – Bagus Santosa (BS) is a 52 year old man in Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat with super perverted, super depraved thoughts and behavior. Why not? At half a century old, his brain was still so perverted that he had the heart to rape his young stepson.

This obscene act was carried out when the child’s mother, who is also his wife, was going to work washing clothes at a neighbor’s house in the afternoon or was asleep at night. This obscene act was also accompanied by a threat to harm the victim if he reported it.

Head of the PPA Unit for Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Iptu Ari Muratno in his official statement explained, that the perpetrator’s method of carrying out his obscene acts was always when the house was empty. There are only perpetrators and victims.

This obscene act against his stepson was carried out repeatedly. Starting from November 2022 when the victim is 12 years old to December 2023 when the victim is 13 years old.

“The rape occurred when the victim was still in elementary school aged 12 years in 2022. The last time was December 2023,” said Iptu Ari at the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Headquarters, Monday, (27/5).

He said, that the perpetrator’s demonic brain was always working to lure the victim with a prize of Rp5.000 if they followed his wishes to make love. But the perpetrator also threatened to hurt the victim if he reported it to his mother or sister.

“The lure was given Rp5.000 and threats. If he reported it to his mother, he would be harmed. That was the perpetrator’s trickery against the victim,” he explained.

Currently the perpetrator has been arrested by the Satreskrim Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat and is languishing in a detention cell. He was charged with Article 76D in conjunction with Article 81 and/or Article 76E in conjunction with Article 82 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 17 of 2016 concerning Child Protection and/or Article 46 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 23 of 2004 and/or Article 6 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 12 of 2022. Criminal threat what him can get is imprisonment for more than 5 years. (Bembo)

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