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Man who Beat His Wife to Death in Pulogadung was a KAI Employee

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – The man who tortured his wife to death in Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur, has been arrested by the police. The man had the guts to be cemen because he was brave enough to show off his form to the woman by the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur to journalists, Tuesday, (2/7). He was wearing a blue prison jumpsuit and his hands were handcuffed.

The man with the guts of cemen in question has the initials AAW (27). But his status is not bad because he is registered as an employee of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI). When his face was shown to journalists, he just looked down languid and embarrassed while listening to the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly’s explanation about his case.

In his explanation, Kapolres Nicolas said, that AAW’s action of abusing his wife to death occurred at the house they lived in in Gang Asoka RT 007 RW 04 Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur, on Sunday, (30/6) afternoon. The victim was naked and bleeding from the mouth when he was found.

Polsek Pulogadung Criminal Investigation Unit Head, AKP Wahyudi also added, that this case is now being handled entirely by the Women and Children Services Unit (PPA) of the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur.

“Because the connection falls into the realm of domestic violence, that’s why the case is being handled by the PPA unit,” said AKP Wahyudi.

Regarding the chronology of this case, the Secretary of RT 007, Hendra, revealed that his party only discovered this incident after receiving a report from the perpetrator’s parents. The father of the AAW perpetrator reported the incident to the Head of RT 007.

“Residents only found out at around 4 in the afternoon. His parents reported it to the RT. He ran home, “scoping” and asked, ‘Where did you come from?’ He said, ‘I want to report it to the RT, my son just killed my in-laws’,” said Hendra, imitating the words of the perpetrator’s father, Monday, (1/7) yesterday.

He also said, that the father was contacted by the perpetrator at around 14.00 WIB. From there he and three of his family members went straight to the perpetrator’s house.

“So there are four people in the family, two motorbikes. So one person reports, three are on guard there. People come, it gets busy,” said Hendra again. (Bembo)

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