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BerandaHukum & KriminalMinimarket Extortion Perpetrator Arrested by Polsek Cengkareng Threatens 9 Years in Prison

Minimarket Extortion Perpetrator Arrested by Polsek Cengkareng Threatens 9 Years in Prison, JAKARTA – Polsek Cengkareng arrested an extortionist with the initials RN (40) at his rented house. The perpetrator, who acted alone, often extorted a number of minimarket shops in Jakarta Barat.

The Kapolsek Cengkareng, Kompol Hasoloan Situmorang accompanied by the Kanit Reskrim, AKP Dwi Manggalayuda in his official statement said, that there were 3 shops in Jakarta Barat that were extorted by the perpetrators on the grounds of asking for THR for Eid al-Fitr.

“The method is clearly extortion because there is no cooperative relationship between the perpetrator and the minimarket shop. But the perpetrator still asks for money and goods,” said Kapolsek Hasoloan to reporters, Tuesday, (23/4).

The way the perpetrator carried out this extortion trick, he continued, was by handing over the goods at the cashier. However, when the cashier gave him a receipt, the perpetrator insisted that he did not want to pay. In fact, he threatened to deflate the tires of vehicles parked in front of the shop if the minimarket cashier didn’t fulfill his wishes.

“The perpetrators succeeded in carrying out extortion and the total varied from hundreds of thousands to millions of goods,” said Kapolsek Hasoloan again.

To be held accountable for his actions, the perpetrator was charged under Article 368 of the Criminal Code concerning Extortion with a maximum penalty of 9 years in prison. (Bembo)

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