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BerandaHukum & KriminalMitigation of Brawls, Samapta Polsek Members Dialogically Visit Muhammadiyah Vocational School

Mitigation of Brawls, Samapta Polsek Members Dialogically Visit Muhammadiyah Vocational School, JAKARTA – A number of Polsek Matraman Samapta personnel led directly by the Kanit Samapta Polsek Matraman, Aiptu Indra carried out dialogical brawl mitigation activities at Muhamadiyah Vocational School, Matraman, Jakarta Timur, Thursday, (25/4) afternoon.

The aim of the activity is to overcome the early occurrence of brawls between students in the Matraman District area.

In front of the students, Samapta personnel delivered education about preventing brawls, advised them not to get involved in brawls and not hang out after school, and to stay away from juvenile delinquency such as drug abuse.

In his official statement, Kapolsek Matraman, Kompol Suprasetyo said, that through mitigating brawls, his party wants to make the police friends of schools that educate the nation’s children.

“Prevention of juvenile delinquency requires the active participation of all relevant parties and must be implemented consistently and sustainably to create a safe and supportive educational environment,” said Kapolsek Suprasetyo today.

Furthermore, he also provided input to the school to increase school activities to prevent students from leaving the house at night.

He hopes that the school can continue to establish synergy with the Polsek Matraman if they find their students gathering or hanging out after school. This needs to be done intensively to avoid brawls. Members of the Polsek Matraman will also always remind the school to pay more intense attention to its students, both inside and outside the school. (Bembo)

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