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Ngopi Kamtibmas at the Satkamling Post, Kapolda Metro Jaya Holds Dialogue and Listens to Residents’ Aspirations

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto decorated the festivities and sacredness of Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary with interesting and humanistic activities. Together with the main officials (PJU) of Polda Metro Jaya, Kapolres Metro Jakarta Barat, Kombes Pol M Syahduddi, Jakarta Barat Mayor, H Uus Kuswanto, and Dandim 0503 JB, Kolonel Inf Eko Saputra Siregar, Kapolda Karyoto held a Ngopi Kamtibmas at the Post Satkamling on Jalan Gelong Baru Timur VII, RT 004 RW 02 Tomang, Grogol Petamburan, on Wednesday, (26/6) evening.

Unlike usual, at this event the Kapolda Karyoto and his entourage came to the location on motorbikes. Kapolda Karyoto was even seen riding his own black Kawasaki motorbike wearing a white helmet.

The arrival of Kapolda Karyoto and his entourage was immediately warmly welcomed by the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Barat, PJUs, Deputy Subdistrict Heads, Village Heads, RW 02 Heads, and RT Heads. Next, Kapolda Karyoto first inspected the RW 02 Tomang Poskamling facilities before discussing Kamtibmas with the Village Head, RW Head, local RT Head, and residents.

In the discussion, Kapolda Karyoto expressed his thanks to the community for their solid cooperation in securing the 2024 elections. The five-year democratic event which was previously predicted to be vulnerable turned out to run well, peacefully and safely. For this reason, he hopes that something similar can also be realized during the upcoming regional elections for the Governor and Deputy of DKI Jakarta.

Furthermore, several other important issues were also discussed and discussed. The police, said Kapolda Karyoto, every Monday always discuss incidents in the Polda Metro Jaya area, including brawls which are now often triggered by invitations from social media.

Naughty teenagers pretend to be fierce from a clan of ‘sons of devils’ challenging each other on social media without any clear cause. And when they fight, these ‘devil’s children’ bring tools to injure their opponents.

Apart from brawls, Kapolda Karyoto also explained the dangers of drugs, including the newest types of drugs such as gorilla cigarettes. Then the matter of online gambling was also discussed. Kapolda Karyoto said, that his party had collaborated with Kominfo to completely crack down on gambling sites.

A deliberative and religious approach is also taken to provide understanding and spiritual guidance to the public about the risks of online gambling. Meanwhile, for parents, Kapolda Karyoto asked them to be more concerned about supervising their children, including regarding the use of gadgets to avoid negative activities.

When the dialogue arrived at the question and answer session, Anas from LMK 07 Tomang asked about the empty police post in the sub-district and asked that it be reactivated for good and fast service.

To this question, Kapolda Karyoto explained that police recruitment is always carried out every year. However, there are also personnel who have retired or died. Regarding this fact, he continued, mathematically the number of Polri personnel available on a comparative basis is 1:300. One police personnel serves 300 people. Not ideal, indeed. But that is a fact that logic must accept.

Furthermore, there was also a question from the Head of RT Hasibuan. He asked about changes to Jakarta as the capital.

This question was then answered by Mayor Uus Kuswanto. He explained, that the change from the Special Capital Region to the Jakarta Capital Region would be in line with the move of the country’s capital to IKN. The central government remains in Jakarta and will be moved in stages according to personnel needs.

At the end of this activity, Kapolda Karyoto also handed over gifts in the form of patrol bicycles and basic food packages to residents as a form of appreciation and support from the Polri for environmental security.

The Ngopi Kamtibmas at the Satkamling Post is actually aimed at strengthening relations between the police and the community in creating a safe and conducive environment.

This activity was also carried out simultaneously at all levels of Polda Metro Jaya to get closer to the community and listen directly to their complaints and aspirations regarding security and order issues. With high hopes, of course this will make the positive image and impression of the Polri deeply embedded in the hearts of the people. Hopefully it will happen soon. (Bembo)

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