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Plate VII 1-38 Police Cars Are Free to Enter Busway Lanes, Dirlantas of Polda Metro is Stingy to Talk

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA  – The social media world today, Monday, (8/7) gave birth to another viral video. One video with a duration of 10 seconds shows a black Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix official police car with number plate VII 1 – 38 which is suspected to be owned by Polda Metro Jaya
was passing on the Transjakarta busway.

The video was filmed at the Cikoko Transjakarta Bus Stop and uploaded to the @autonetmagz and @folkmedsos accounts. It is not yet clear who was driving the car and whether anyone was inside.

In the video, the Polri official car, a Toyota Kijang Innova, is seen walking backwards while turning on the front lights. The white headlamps are on and the yellow daytime running lights are flashing.

The suspicion that the car is owned by Polda Metro Jaya can be seen from the code “VII” on the number plate. Then the code “1” indicates the number one person in the Resort Police (Polres) and the code “38” indicates the Polres area code. This means that it is strongly suspected that the car is the Kapolres’s official car.

Dirlantas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Latif Usman in his statement when asked for his response on this matter, chose to be stingy in speaking. He just answered that he was looking into it. He didn’t make any other statements in response to journalists questions.

It’s also worth suspecting that it’s a police car
with plate number VII 1 – 38
deliberately entered the special Transjakarta lane to avoid traffic jams. The reason is, in the video the public traffic lane looks congested. The only thing that makes netizens angry is why cars with police number plates can be allowed to enter and cross the buyway lane without obstacles.

In fact, according to applicable regulations, only ambulances and fire trucks can freely enter and pass on the busway lane. Outside of those 2 vehicles, no way. That’s why netizens are furious because the National Police, which is supposed to enforce the rules, is just breaking the rules in public. (Bembo)

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