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BerandaHukum & KriminalPoints System Ticketing will Be Implemented, Driver's License Can Be Revoked

Points System Ticketing will Be Implemented, Driver’s License Can Be Revoked, JAKARTA – Korlantas Polri will implement a points system for ticketing. Violators whose points are already high will have their valid driving license (SIM) revoked.

This point system is awarded based on the volume of traffic violations committed by SIM holders. The bigger the violation, the more points awarded. If you have accumulated a lot of points, your SIM can be revoked.

This point awarding system is called Traffic Attitude Record (TAR). Through TAR, traffic violators will be given points according to the violations committed.

“In the future, we will have a soft launch of the traffic attitude record. There there will be points for taking action against light, medium and serious violations which will result in points being awarded to the driver himself,” explained the Dirgakkum Korlantas Polri, Brigjen Pol R. Slamet Santoso, as stated in the statement. from the Polri Public Relations Division page.

The plan to apply points to SIM is actually nothing new. The system for applying these points is regulated in the Republic of Indonesia State Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021 concerning the Issuance and Marking of Driving Licenses.

The explanation is in CHAPTER III regarding SIM marking. In Article 33, it is stated that the National Police has the authority to provide signs or data on violations of the SIM of drivers who commit traffic crimes. Then Article 34 also states that marking is done by giving points for each traffic crime violation.

Points for this traffic violation consist of 5 points, 3 points and 1 point. Meanwhile, for traffic accidents, the points consist of 12 points, 10 points and 5 points.

Furthermore, Article 37 also states that points will be accumulated if the driver commits a traffic violation and/or traffic accident. Accumulation of 12 points will be subject to penalty 1, and 18 points penalty 2.

SIM holders who are subject to penalty 1 and penalty 2 cannot renew their SIM. Meanwhile, if you get 12 points, your driver’s license will be temporarily suspended or temporarily revoked before the court decides. Driver’s license holders must also carry out driver education and training if they want to get their driver’s license back.

The next explanation is in Article 39, where SIM owners who reach 18 points will be subject to a sanction of having their SIM revoked on the basis of a court decision which has permanent legal force. The owner of a SIM subject to sanctions must implement the court decision during the sanction period for SIM revocation if there is a court decision that has permanent legal force.

After the sanction period for revoking a driver’s license ends, the owner of the driver’s license can apply to get another driver’s license with the requirement that they must carry out driving education and training and follow the procedures for making a new driver’s license. (Bembo)

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