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Polda Metro 3P Measured Patrol Last Night, Disbands Gamblers and Arrests 2 Youths for Drug Transactions, JAKARTA – The patrol action of the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya on Friday, (21/6) early morning targeted 4 measurable targets, namely Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta Timur and Bekasi City. Of the 4 targets, firm results were obtained in Jakarta Timur with the arrest of 2 young men dealing in methamphetamine narcotics.

So the complete story is like this. Polda Metro 3P Team led by Ipda Donnie Prasetio and Aipda MP. Ambarita with a force of 26 personnel left Polda Metro Jaya at around 00.35 WIB. From command, the patrol team headed starting grid on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat to tune in to the tradition of show of force patrols.

At around 01.30 WIB, while lapping on Jalan Rawasari Selatan, Jakarta Pusat, a group of teenagers were seen hanging out like happy people on the side of the road. The patrol team immediately approached to check them all.

Turns out it’s clear. They didn’t have any dangerous items in their pockets. Then they were given good advice before being dismissed and told to go home.

Exactly at 02:00 WIB, while the patrol was in Jakarta Timur, 5 adults with suspicious movements were monitored hanging out on Jalan Swadayan. Not wanting to take the risk, they were approached. Eh, it turns out they were having fun playing land-based gambling.

They then became confused because they were surprised to suddenly be approached by a police patrol while they were busy gambling. Luckily no dangerous objects or materials were found from them. Their identities were also clear and complete when checked. Not wanting to waste time, the 5 gamblers were immediately told to return to their respective homes. Don’t use the trigger anymore or just pull out a new one. Husshh, hurry home, bro.

When it was 02.30 WIB or 1/2 hour after the business with the 5 gamblers had finished, the Polda Metro  3P Team again saw 2 suspicious young men chatting close to each other on Jalan Raya Kapin. When you try to approach them, they just run away. A chase was launched and both were captured.

Their tricky actions were finally revealed when they were examined. From one of the young men’s cellphone, communication regarding crystal methamphetamine narcotics transactions could be clearly read. Both of them couldn’t avoid it anymore.

These two naughty young men were identified as Rio Jarmawan (32), resident of Gang Hj Aselan RT 006 RW 015, Jatiwaringin, Pondok Gede, Bekasi City and Miftahul Akli (30), resident of Jalan Raya Gamprit RT 006 RW 02, Jatiwaringin, Pondok Gede, Bekasi city. The two of them were then taken by the 3P Polda Metro Team to the Polsek Duren Sawit Station along with evidence of a black Honda Beat motorbike B 4349 KIU and 2 cellphones for further processing.

After that the patrol rounds continued and finally we met again with a group of suspicious teenagers hanging out on Jalan Wali Istana Baru, Bekasi City. This herd was quickly approached and then examined and searched.

Turns out nothing. Everything is clean from indications of criminal violations. Fun and social dialogue efforts were made to direct them all to disperse and return to their respective homes. The security and social security situation remains monitored and under control.

Towards morning, at around 05.30 WIB, the patrol team finished their routine of rushing to return to command at the Ditsamapta Polda Metro. The closing of the consolidation roll call is a sign for patrol personnel to take a break after staying up all night. See you next day, commander. (Bembo)

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