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Polda Metro 3P Team City Patrol to Jakpus and Jaktim, Monitored Kamtibmas Situation Safe and Conducive, JAKARTA – The existence of city patrols and monitoring by the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of Polda Metro Jaya in the early hours of Wednesday, (5/6) was in two areas, namely Jakarta Pusat and Jakarta Timur. The patrol movement led by two young officers, namely Ipda Moch Januar Fauzy and Ipda Gandi Rezeki Sinaga, began with a show of force patrol on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta Pusat at 00.45 WIB.

15 minutes later, at around 01.00 WIB, a ring patrol was carried out at the Polsek Metro Menteng and the surrounding area. At 02.00 WIB, the city patrol and monitoring team of the 3P Polda Metro entered and searched Jalan Benyamin Sueb, Jakarta Pusat. This planned movement was carried out to anticipate the occurrence of illegal racing, violent theft,
aggravated theft, motor vehicle theft as well as brawls in the area.

Moving on from Jalan Benyamin Sueb, the Polda Metro 3P Team’s strong point patrol shifted to Jalan Rawamangun, Rawasari, Jakarta Pusat. After ensuring that the situation in Jakarta Pusat was monitored as safe and under control, the patrol movement immediately moved to Jakarta Timur.

At around 03.30 WIB, the patrol group with 27 personnel made its presence known on Jalan Matraman Raya. Several rounds of strong point patrols were carried out, it turned out that the kamtibmas situation was still safe and conducive without any ripples. At around 4 am, the Polda Metro 3P Team decided to return to command for consolidation. (Bembo)

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