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Polda Metro: Case of Farmer Defrauded of Rp598 Million Occurred in 2016, Perpetrator Has Been Fired, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya responded to the case of CS, a farmer from Subang, West Java who was defrauded of Rp598 million by being promised by his son, TR, who passed the Polwan selection in 2016. Polda Metro Jaya confirmed that one policewoman related to this case had been fired.

“It happened in 2016, there were three (perpetrators). This one was not a member of the Polri because he had been fired for a long time since 2004 for a drug case on behalf of the AS. Then there were two policewomen, one of whom was fired in 2017 because of this. And one is still the code of ethics process. These three are not on the admissions committee. The old method is claiming to be able to help,” said Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi, to journalists, Tuesday, (21/5).

He emphasized, that Polri recruitment adheres to the principles of clean, transparent, accountable and humanist (BETAH). He also said, that Polda Metro Jaya was transparent in handling this case.

“We’re just transparent. The Kapolri has also repeatedly emphasized at every opportunity about professionalism and always advised us not to hurt people’s feelings, people’s trust must be maintained,” said Kombes Pol Ade Ary.

Furthermore, he also appealed to people who want to include their children in Polri recruitment not to believe in the practices of brokers. He said that what determines whether a recruitment participant passes or not is only their own ability.

“I beg the public, don’t believe anyone who claims to be able to get your child through to the Polri recruitment through fraudulent means. We do not charge fees to participants, meaning it’s free. This education and appeal must continue to be conveyed so that no more people become victims,” he stressed. (Bembo)

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