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Polda Metro Intensively Educates the Public to Anticipate Online Gambling Suggestions

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya is aggressively educating the public and internal circles to anticipate interest and suggestions for online gambling. This effort is also a follow-up to the direction of President Joko Widodo and Kapolri, Jenderal Pol Listyo Sigit Prabowo regarding the prevention of online gambling.

Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto in his official statement admitted, that it is not easy to anticipate people’s addiction to online gambling.

“There are lots of people involved in this. No matter which community, many are involved,” said Kapolda Karyoto to journalists in Cipayung, Depok, Tuesday, (25/6).

Nationally, he continued, the actions taken by the President, the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, and the Minister of Communication and Information were clear to try to eradicate online gambling. This includes the Polri who are trying hard to suppress online gambling.

He hopes, that the public, especially parents, will be more concerned about monitoring gadgets. The reason is that online gambling as a source of problems comes from gadgets.

“We hope that all Indonesian people, parents in particular, will care more about gadgets. Because the source is here. People must be made aware that life is hard work, not gambling, not lottery,” said Kapolda Karyoto again.

He also explained, that if religion has prohibited it, that means you should not gamble online. The public must be educated so that they never expect instant things to speculate and double their money by playing online gambling.

“Oh never mind, if you know that religion also forbids it, don’t do that. Life is not a lottery. Life is hard work. Life is something real. Don’t bet 1 to get 10, bet 10 to get 100, bet 1,000 to get 1 million. Later we will be the ones to lose,” he said.

He emphasized, that educating the public is very important to prevent suggestions of online gambling. Even if the bookie is from abroad, if people are reluctant to install it then online gambling will die by itself.

According to him again, it is very crucial for the Polri to make the public aware that online gambling is detrimental. Currently, he continued, Polda Metro Jaya itself is intensively controlling its members with gadget raids to eradicate online gambling. If a member is caught gambling online, strict sanctions will be given nationally to have a deterrent effect.

“The important thing now is that people must be aware that this is detrimental. Today we got a fortune of 100.000, of which 50.000 was put online. Yes, it’s a shame that 50.000 can buy rice and other things,” he said again. (Bembo)

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