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BerandaOlahragaPolda Metro Jaya Holds Nobar to Support Garuda Muda vs Uzbekistan U-23

Polda Metro Jaya Holds Nobar to Support Garuda Muda vs Uzbekistan U-23, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya held a joint viewing event (nobar) of the Indonesia U-23 vs Uzbekistan U-23 match in the semifinals of the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup, Monday, (29/4) evening. The main officials (PJU) of Polda Metro Jaya looked united wearing red and white jerseys.

The nobar event at Polda Metro Jaya was divided into two points. The first point is at the Polda Metro Promoter Building. In this building, there were people present following the ceremony of the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto, Wakapolda, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto and other PJU officials.

Meanwhile, the second point is in the blue building of the Ditlantas of Polda Metro Jaya. At this location, Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Latif Usman, Wadirlantas, Kombes Pol Doni Hermawan and Kasat Lantas in the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya were present.

They also wore red and white jerseys together to support Garuda Muda’s competition. The band’s drums can also be heard joining in the lively support.

As is known, the U-23 Indonesian National Team as a debutant team continued its fairy tale in the semifinals against the Uzbekistan U-23 National Team. This match was held at the Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, Qatar. All supporters of the Indonesian U-23 National Team hope that the Garuda Muda fairy tale will continue until the final round. Because this story also means that Garuda Muda has locked a ticket to appear in the football branch of the 2024 Paris Olympics. (Bembo)

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