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BerandaTNI/PolriPolda Metro Jaya Receives Honorary Visit from Japanese Ambassador Masaki Yashusi

Polda Metro Jaya Receives Honorary Visit from Japanese Ambassador Masaki Yashusi, JAKARTA – In order to strengthen friendship and cooperation in the field of crime prevention, Polda Metro Jaya received a courtesy visit from the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia, Masaki Yasushi and his entourage at Polda Metro Jaya Headquarters, Tuesday, (7/5).

Ambassador Masaki’s arrival was immediately warmly welcomed by the Wakapolda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Suyudi Ario Seto, who was accompanied by the Director of Vital Object Security for Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Joko Sulistio.

In this meeting, Wakapolda Suyudi expressed his highest appreciation to the Japanese government for providing support and assistance with crime prevention technology in Indonesia, especially in the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya.

“We were greatly helped, especially by cooperation in the JICA program. Hopefully we can continue to have good cooperation in the future. There are many lessons that can be learned from the Japanese Police, especially in crime prevention, where Japanese technology really supports the implementation of the Police’s duties,” said Wakapolda Suyudi in his appreciation.

“We are ready to support the Japanese Government, especially the new Japanese Embassy in carrying out its duties. Hopefully cooperation between the Indonesian and Japanese governments can be established well,” he added.

Meanwhile, Masaki Yasushi in his speech expressed his gratitude for the efforts of Polda Metro Jaya in securing Japanese citizens in DKI Jakarta.

“Of the many Japanese offices and restaurants in Jakarta and its surroundings, where many Japanese citizens work there, during my time as Ambassador there has never been a prominent case or incident,” he admitted.

Furthermore, Masaki also expressed his party’s desire for the Polri to continue to provide protection and a sense of security to its citizens who are currently in Jakarta.

“There are around 16,000 Japanese citizens in Jakarta. We ask for help from the Polri to continue to provide security and protection for our citizens,” he said again.

At the end of his remarks, Masaki also hoped that cooperation between the Polri and the Japanese Police in efforts to prevent crime, monitor and investigate cases involving Japanese citizens could continue to be communicated well.

“I also hope that the Polmas/JICA activities that have been built so far with the Indonesian government can continue in the future,” he said, expressing hope. (Bembo)

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