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Polda Metro Narcotics Directorate Raids Rented House in Parung Serab, 72 kg of Sabu Found, TANGERANG – Sub-Directorate 3 of the Narcotics Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya led by AKBP Malvino Edward Yusticia raided a rented tenement house in the Parung Serab area, Ciledug, Tangerang City. A total of 72 packs of crystal methamphetamine (sabu)  in chinese tea packaging, estimated to weigh 72 kg, were obtained from this tenement house.

Director of Narcotics at Polda Metro Jaya, Brigjen Pol Hengki in his official statement said,
this raid in Ciledug was the result of developments after previously arresting 2 suspects with the initials R (29) and A (19) in Jakarta.

“Initially, we arrested 2 people. After a search, we found evidence of 1 kilogram of sabu which was kept in a bag and the person concerned also had the key to the rented house,” said Brigjen Pol Hengki who was accompanied by the Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi at the location of the raid, Monday, (1/7) evening.

He also explained, that of the 2 suspects arrested, one of them was a recidivist. “Suspect R only got out of prison in January 2024,” he said.

Brigjen Pol Hengki also said, that currently his party still cannot confirm the origin of the methamphetamine. Including when the two suspects acted. Sub-Directorate 3 of the Polda Metro Narcotics Directorate is still carrying out a series of investigations into this case.

“It’s still being investigated. We haven’t examined this initial crime scene yet. Later, an in-depth investigation will be carried out by Sub-Directorate 3 of the Narcotics Directorate of the Polda Metro. Later it will develop, including whether there are other perpetrators. We haven’t checked either,” he said again. (Bembo)

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