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Police Find 2 Suspects in Different Cases from Viral Video of Illegal Parking of Rp150.000 at Istiqlal Mosque, JAKARTA – An old video of illegal parking for Rp150.000 at the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Pusat, which has gone viral again, has created a new story. The Polsek Sawah Besar named two people as suspects in a different case from the viral video.

Kapolsek Sawah Besar, Kompol Dhanar Dhono Vernandhie in his official statement to journalists said, that the two people named as suspects were AB (49) and J (26).

“There is another man in the video with the initials D. Until now we are still investigating,” said Kapolsek Dhanar, Monday, (13/5).

AB, continued the Kapolsek Dhanar, was named a suspect in a case of alleged narcotics abuse. Meanwhile, J is a suspect in a theft case from a bus parked at the Istiqlal Mosque.

“AB, we did a urine check, it turns out his urine was positive. We will follow up regarding the case of drug abuse. If J, we named the suspect on Thursday, at the time of the Ascension of Jesus Christ. The person concerned committed theft on a bus which was parked at the Istiqlal Mosque,” explained the Kapolsek Dhanar.

He also said,that the video of illegal parking of Rp150.000 shouted at the Istiqlal Mosque which is now viral occurred during Eid al-Fitr 2024. Even so, his party is still serious about taking action against illegal parking attendants who often disturb residents. He also appealed to residents to immediately report to the police if they experience the same case.

“Residents who feel they have been victims, please report it to the Polsek Sawah Besar. If it turns out there is a connection with the alleged perpetrator, we will process it according to the law,” emphasized Kapolsek Dhanar. (Bembo)

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