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Police Provide Guidance to 5 Middle School Students Who Create Ridiculous Palestinian Jokes Content, JAKARTA – The police together with 3 Pillars at sub-district level conducted training for 5 junior high school students from 4 different schools in Jakarta who made ridiculous video content containing jokes about Palestine . These 5 female students have also apologized and admitted their mistake after the video went viral on social media.

Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi in his statement said, that efforts to develop these 5 female students were carried out by the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Polsek and Bhabinkamtibmas as well as 3 Pillars at sub-district level.

“Efforts have been made to communicate with the child suspected of spreading this video,” he told reporters, Thursday, (13/6) yesterday.

He also said, that in this training the police also coordinated with the parents of the female students who were the perpetrators, the school and other relevant stakeholders. Meanwhile, the case of the viral video is currently being investigated by the Cyber Sub-Directorate, Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya.

Furthermore, he also regretted the ridiculous behavior of the female students who did this and finally received a warning. Kombes Pol Ade Ary also reminded the public to be wiser when surfing social media.

“Once again, we convey that this is an action that should not have happened. This is a lesson so that we can all be wise in using social media. Parents, please supervise their children so that they can use social media well and be useful,” said Kombes Pol Ade Ary.

“Don’t become a back fire by doing things that are not good, conveying hate speech or pornography that can harm people,” he added, warning.

Meanwhile, the Disdik DKI Jakarta  has also sanctioned these 5 female students for their actions in making Palestine a joke. They are required to report to their respective schools every day of the week.

“Students are required to report to school for one week to the guidance and counseling teacher. We ask them to report to school every day and there we provide guidance,” explained the Acting Head of the Disdik DKI Jakarta, Budi Awaludin.

“We are also preparing from the PPAPP Service (Department of Empowerment, Child Protection and Population Control), counselors, and also from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the police and Kesbangpol to provide guidance to our younger siblings for one week at school,” he added.

He also said, that in the next effort, the Disdik DKI will also provide guidance to all schools involved, including parents. This effort is made so that similar incidents do not happen again.

“Character and national development values must be given to students, teachers and parents. We hope that this national development can stick so that tolerance, harmony and unity can be established in schools,” he emphasized again. (Bembo)

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