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Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Steady Tactical Program Distributes Rice Boxes at the Embrio Market, JAKARTA – The Steady Tactical Program initiated by the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly continues to roll out as a form of Polri’s concern for the community. On Thursday, (13/6) morning, this program was rolled out on Jalan Kerja Bakti, Makasar, Jakarta Tinur. A total of 300 boxes of rice and mineral water were distributed to residents at the Embrio Market at the activity location.

This social service activity was carried out by the Kapolsek Makasar, Kompol Rusit Malaka representing the Kapolres Nicolas together with the Makasar Branch Bhayangkari, Polsek Makasar Policewoman and 3 Pillars Makasar District. Also present was the Wakasat Binmas for the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, AKP Heru Sugiarto to support the implementation of the activity.

In his speech, Wakasat of Binmas Heru Sugiarto expressed his thanks to the Chair of RW 04 and RT 001 and the residents who enthusiastically enlivened and supported the activities.

“That we are here as a form of our concern as Almighty God’s people. Hopefully what we give will be a blessing for all,” said AKP Heru.

Furthermore, he also conveyed the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur message that all citizens, especially parents, can better monitor their sons and daughters so that they don’t become perpetrators of crimes or brawls.

Meanwhile, Chairman of RW 04 Makasar Village, Didik Sukarni also expressed his thanks to the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur for his great attention to the residents of RT 001 RW 04 Makasar Village.

Residents, he continued, feel very grateful and grateful to the Polri, especially the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur and Polsek Makasar, who have shown great concern by holding the Steady and Tactical program in their area.

Not to forget, he also said that the situation in RW 04 was safe and conducive with the help of the Polsek Makasar who always carried out patrols to create a Harkamtibmas situation. (Bembo)

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