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BerandaHukum & KriminalPolres Metro Jakbar 3P Team Disbands Teenage Motorbike Convoy, 7 People Arrested...

Polres Metro Jakbar 3P Team Disbands Teenage Motorbike Convoy, 7 People Arrested 4 Sickles Confiscated, JAKARTA – Quick and responsive action was demonstrated by the Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team of the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat on Saturday, (18/5) early morning.

As soon as they received the report that a group of teenagers were in a motorbike convoy at the Grogol Terminal, Grogol Petamburan and planning to brawl on Jalan Kalianyar Tambora, Jakarta Barat, the 3P Team immediately stepped on the gas to the location.

Upon arrival at the location and carrying out reconnaissance, it turned out that the report was true. A group of teenagers were clearly seen in a motorbike convoy while brandishing sharp weapons on the road.

Without any more babibu, the 3P Team then moved quickly to attack the convoy and carry out a chase and arrest. The convoy suddenly fell into complete disarray. Several teenagers from the group tried to escape to the Jalan Hasyim Ashari area, Jakarta Pusat. But not all of them managed to escape. There were 7 teenagers who were successfully picked up by the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat 3P Team. When searched, evidence was also found of 4 sharp sickle-type weapons which were suspected to be used for brawls.

Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Head of Samapta, AKBP M. Hari Agung Julianto in his statement said, the seven teenagers who were arrested were then taken to the Polsek Tambora, Jakarta Barat and the Polsek Gambir, Jakarta Pusat, to undergo further examination.

“Meanwhile, the evidence of sharp weapons and the teenager who carried them were handed over to the Polsek Tambora, Jakarta Barat for investigation and legal follow-up,” said AKBP Agung.

He also explained, that this quick response action was real and concrete evidence of the effectiveness of the work of Team 3 of the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat in maintaining Kamtibmas. Anything that has the potential to disrupt Kamtibmas and disturb the community is immediately anticipated. Including the potential for brawls that can be quickly prevented before they happen.

“Quick and decisive action from the 3P Team like this really helps to maintain security and order in our area,” said AKBP Agung Julianto, appreciating his staff. (Bembo)

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