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Polres Metro Jakbar 3P Team Takes 10 Teenagers from Motorcycle Convoy Carrying Sickels in Kemanggisan, JAKARTA – The reckless action of a group of teenagers in a motorbike convoy carrying sharp weapons in Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat, was suppressed by the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Precision Pioneer Patrol (3P) Team, Saturday, (8/6) at 04.30 WIB or before dawn. A total of 10 teenagers were taken along with evidence of 3 sharp sickle-type weapons.

Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Head of Samapta, AKBP M. Hari Agung Julianto in his statement explained, that this incident started with a public report saying there was a group of teenagers who were suspected of going into a brawl using sharp weapons in the Kemanggisan area, Palmerah, Jakarta Barat.

“Team 1 3P of the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat under the leadership of Ipda Rustam Efendi Rambe, who was on patrol received this report. Immediately the patrol went to the reported location and found the teenagers recklessly driving a motorbike convoy carrying sharp weapons,” explained AKBP M . Julianto when confirmed, Saturday, (8/6).

Seeing this fact, continued AKBP Hari Agung, the 3P Team patrol immediately advanced to disperse them. The teenagers’ movements were quickly blocked while chasing those who tried to escape. Until finally 10 teenagers were successfully picked up and didn’t move anymore.

During the inspection and search, three sharp sickle-type weapons were found which they were carrying. Furthermore, these 10 reckless teenagers were immediately transported by the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat 3P Team to the Polsek Palmerah Station for further investigation.

AKBP Hari Agung added, that this firm action was an effort by the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat 3P Team to maintain security and order in the Jakarta Barat area, especially to anticipate actions that had the potential to cause unrest and danger to the surrounding community.

“We will continue to increase patrols and supervision in the jurisdiction of the Polres Metro Jakarta Baratvto ensure the safety and comfort of the community,” he said.

He also appealed to the public to continue to play an active role in maintaining environmental security and immediately report any suspicious activity to the police.

“We hope that collaboration between the community and the police can prevent and overcome crimes that have the potential to disrupt public order,” he said. (Bembo)

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