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Polres Metro Jakpus and Three Pillars Tighten Backflow Security at Gambir and Senen Stations, JAKARTA – Entering the Eid backflow period in 2024, Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat and the Polsek ranks with Three Pillars  have tightened security at Gambir Station and Senen Station, Saturday, (13/4). A total of 96 joint personnel were deployed to secure the backflow which was starting to increase at the two stations.

In his official statement, the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro said, that the 96 joint personnel deployed were divided into 43 personnel for security forces at Gambir Station and 53 personnel for security forces at Senen Station.

“Currently, the return flow for Eid has started to arrive, although it is not yet dense, considering that on Tuesday, April 16 2024, workers, both private employees, ASN and traders, have started to return to their activities,” said Kapolres Susatyo today.

For this reason, he gave an appeal to residents who were still in their hometowns to return home early so that there would be no peak buildup of backflow.

“Please keep valuable items safe. Use jewelry sparingly, don’t overdo it because it can attract criminals. Avoid giving food and drink to strangers while traveling. Also be wary of hypnotists who target your valuables. Don’t be tricked or seduced by other people. who are not yet known,” reminded Kapolres Susatyo.

Furthermore, he continued, the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat and Three Pillars, in collaboration with Gambir Station and Pasar Senen Station, also opened a Health Post to serve residents who were tired and unwell. For residents who are tired after visiting with family in their hometown, they are advised to rest first at the Health Post. If you feel your physical condition is fresh again, then continue your journey.

“We will serve residents who will return to Jakarta for 24 hours at Gambir Station and at Pasar Senen Station. We have also alerted personnel who will monitor and carry out foot patrols. Be careful when traveling. If there is a problem, immediately contact the 110 call center for help. The police are quick to follow up. We never tire of serving and providing a sense of security and comfort to residents,” said Kapolres Susatyo as a guarantee. (Bembo)

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