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Polres Metro Jaksel Pam Obvit Personnel Dialogical Patrol and Security in the Ragunan Tourist Area, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan Vital Object Security (Pam Obvit) personnel carried out dialogue and security patrols in the Ragunan Wildlife Park tourist area, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Sunday, (12/5) yesterday.

In carrying out this security, assistance was also provided by the Head of Sub-Directorate for Waste, Dit Pam Obvit Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Afroni Sugiarto to ensure that the area was safe and conducive from all forms of disturbances to Kamtibmas and crime.

This was the statement made by the Head of the Pam Obvit Unit for the Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan, Kompol Yenny A. Sihombing when he directly led the implementation of monitoring and security at the Ragunan Wildlife Park.

“When entering a holiday moment like now, which also coincides with the commemoration of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, we carry out dialogue patrols, monitoring and security for visitors to tourist attractions in the South Jakarta area. We are also assisted by personnel from the Dit Pam Obvit Polda Metro Jaya for this activity,” explained Kompol Yenny A. Sihombing.

He said, that dialogue patrols and security at this tourist attraction aim to create a sense of comfort and security for visiting guests. Apart from that, at this moment an appeal was also conveyed to visitors and tourist attraction managers to continue to pay attention to security and safety factors in order to avoid all forms of Kamtibmas disturbances.

“Routine dialogue patrols like this will provide a sense of calm that reassures tourists that the Ragunan Wildlife Park and other tourist attractions in the Jakarta Selatan area are safe destinations to visit,” said Kompol Yenny A. Sihombing. (Bembo)

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