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Polres Metro Jaktim Reveals Results of Examination of Bodies of ‘Eagle Eye’ Robbery Victims, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Timur revealed the results of a preliminary examination of the body of Ahmad Efendy (38), a victim of a ‘hawk eye’ robbery whose body was found in Sodong River, Jakarta Timur.

From the results of the forensic examination, it was discovered that the victim had swallowed a lot of water and mud from the river. This is known from its lungs which contain a lot of water and mud.

Meanwhile, the victim died because his head hit the river wall after being pushed by the perpetrators in Sunter River. It is believed that the victim’s body was swept away by the water current and reached the Sodong River.

“So the victim was pushed into the Sunter River at that time, actually. You found his body in the Sodong River. But the initial TKP (crime scene) was in the Sunter River. So maybe the body was washed away,” explained Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly, Saturday, (18/5).

“One of the suspects, namely JMP, pushed the victim into the river. At that time there happened to be concrete, so his head hit the concrete in the river so he was helpless and died,” he added.

He also explained, that the victim was assaulted by the perpetrators before being pushed into the river. The victim was beaten and kicked before finally dying after being pushed into the river.

“So, before he (the victim) was pushed into the river, he was hit twice in the head and face, and once he was kicked in the stomach. After that, (the victim) was pushed into the river,” Kapolres Nicolas said.

In this case, he continued, the police have named six suspects. Three perpetrators, namely JMP (25), YBL (36), and DL (22) have been arrested. Meanwhile, the other two perpetrators, namely A and N, and the collector with the initials DM are still at large and are DPOs.

The three suspects who have been detained are charged with multiple articles, namely Article 338 of the Criminal Code, Article 365 of the Criminal Code, Article 351 of the Criminal Code and Article 170 of the Criminal Code. The threat of punishment that awaits is a maximum prison sentence of 15 years. (Bembo)

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