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Polres Metro Jaktim Secure Maximum DPP PDIP Mrapen Fire Marathon Running Route in Jakarta Timur, JAKARTA – Dozens of personnel were deployed by Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes Pol Nicolas Ary Lilipaly to guard and secure the PDI Perjuangan DPP Mrapen Fire Marathon along the road the group was passing, Thursday, (23/5).

Maximum security was carried out by Kapolres Nicolas to provide a smooth, safe and comfortable implementation of these activities.

For your information,  Jakarta Timur is one of the crossing areas for the PDIP DPP Mrapen Fire Marathon running to the venue.

Before going to the field to carry out security, Polres Metro Jakarta Timur personnel and ranks first carried out a checking call led directly by Kapolres Nicolas.

Security personnel are also distributed to open and closed security sides, especially on the paths or routes that will be crossed. This aims to anticipate all potential traffic jams that could occur. Moreover, there were hundreds of people who took part in enlivening the PDIP DPP Mrapen Fire Marathon.

“We have to anticipate all forms of security and order disturbances that could potentially arise. So let’s work together to secure the running of the Mrapen DPP PDIP Fire Marathon,” said Kapolres Nicolas. (Bembo)

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