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Polres Metro Jakut Criminal Investigation Unit Arrests Thieves and Looters of Three Car Tires at Cempaka Putih Mall, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Utara Criminal Investigation Unit has succeeded in solving the mystery of the disappearance of three car tires in the mall parking lot in the Cempaka Putih area, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat, which went viral on social media. The two perpetrators of this case have been arrested and detained.

The first suspect is Akbarullah Muhammad Prayuda or AMP (25), who works as a driver. The second suspect named Sumihar Hutajulu or SH was the custodian.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Polres Metro Jakarta Utara, AKBP Hady Siagian, in his statement to journalists explained, that the suspect AMP was arrested at his home, Jalan Gotong Royong, Jakarta Utara. He was proven to have violated Article 363 concerning Aggravated Theft (curat) and faces 7 years in prison.

He also said, that the arrest of Akbar and Sumihar began with a report from a doctor at the Koja area hospital to the Polres Metro Jakarta Utara. The doctor reported that three of his car tires had mysteriously disappeared.

The police then carried out an investigation by checking CCTV. Finally, it was possible to identify the car used by the perpetrator during the action.

“Our crime scene is the hospital in the Koja area. When we got there we immediately checked the CCTV and it could be analyzed that the perpetrator was driving a Suzuki APV car during the action,” said
AKBP Hady, Thursday, (16/5).

Next, the identity of the vehicle was traced and it was found that the owner of the vehicle had the initials Y. Y then said that the car had been rented to the perpetrator.

“The information we got from the car owner was that the car was rented to the perpetrator for Rp350.000 per day,” said AKBP Hady again.

Based on this information, Akbarullah was finally arrested at his home on Jalan Gotong Royong, Jakarta Utara. Based on the results of the investigation, Akbarullah was previously known to have carried out a similar action in the parking lot of the Cempaka Putih mall, Jakarta Pusat.

“After the perpetrator was arrested, the missing car tires were recovered. The perpetrator carried out the action in the ITC Cempaka Mas car park, 4th floor, Jakarta Pusat on Tuesday, May 7 at 11.00 WIB,” explained AKBP Hady again.

From these two actions, the perpetrator managed to steal six tires from two different locations. Everything was sold to a collector named Sumihar Hutajulu (46) for Rp300.000 per tire. With the six stolen tires offered, the perpetrator was able to pocket Rp1.8 million from L
looters Sumihar Hutajulu. (Bembo)

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