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BerandaHukum & KriminalPolresta Soetta Airport Reveals TPPO Case Sending CPMI to Serbia

Polresta Soetta Airport Reveals TPPO Case Sending CPMI to Serbia, TANGERANG – Polresta Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) Airport, Tangerang succeeded in uncovering a criminal case of human trafficking (TPPO) involving the non-procedural sending of Prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers (CPMI) to Serbia.

Three suspects have been arrested and nine CPMI who are suspected to be victims have also been rescued in this disclosure. Meanwhile, another suspect with the initials JMY is now on the Wanted List (DPO) and is being hunted.

Wakapolresta Soetta Airport, AKBP Ronald FC Sipayung in his official statement said, that the three people who had been named as suspects had the initials FP (40), J (40) and a woman with the initials WPB (25).

“Meanwhile, the nine CPMIs each have the initials MH, AY, YA, AAS, IWB, A, DGM, MY and S,” said Wakapolresta Ronald in a press conference at Polresta Soetta Airport  Headquarters, Tangerang, Banten, Sunday, (24/3).

He explained that the disclosure of the case began on Sunday (17/3) when his party received information regarding the departure of 10 Indonesian citizens to Malaysia with the final destination of Serbia to work in a non-procedural manner.

Following up on this information, the Satreskrim team then went to the BP2MI office in Terminal 3 and found 10 Indonesian citizens with the initials MH, AY, YA, AAS, IWB, A, DGM, MY, S and FP (suspects). Everyone was immediately taken to the Polresta Soetta Airport  for further examination.

He also said, that in carrying out the action, the suspect FP played a role in taking part in a flight with 9 CPMI and then handing it over to agents in Serbia. He also helped with check-in and briefings at CPMI to answer ‘holiday’ when asked by Immigration officers.

“This activity was carried out on the orders of JMY, who is currently still at large. If he completes the task, suspect J will receive a reward of Rp2 million to Rp5 million per CPMI,” said Wakapolresta Ronald, who was also accompanied by BP3MI Banten and Soetta Airport Immigration.

Meanwhile suspect J, Wakapolresta Ronald continued, played a role in taking 9 CPMI to Soetta Airport. He then gave the suspect FP a job to accompany and join the flight with the CPMI. Including taking care of hotel bookings and return tickets for 9 CPMI.

Suspect J also told suspect WPB to contact the agent if 9 CPMI arrived in Serbia. From this criminal activity, Suspects FP and J are known to have received a total fee profit of Rp10 million to Rp15 million per CPMI.

“Then the role of suspect WPB is to act as a liaison to the agent when CPMI has arrived in Serbia. He received a fee from suspect J of Rp10 million per CPMI. WPB is known to have helped with the process of CPMI leaving abroad seven times,” Wakapolresta Ronald said.

He said again, from this disclosure his party succeeded in securing various pieces of evidence such as 10 passports, 10 boarding passes and 10 plane tickets bound for Kuala Lumpur on March 17 2024.

Then also confiscated were 10 hotel booking sheets in Malaysia, 10 return tickets for the Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta route on March 23 2024, 10 itinerary sheets for Malaysia for seven days, 3 cellphones and 1 bundle of print-outs of WhatsApp conversations.

Meanwhile, the Kasat Reskrim Polresta Soetta Airport, Kompol Reza Pahlevi in a press conference yesterday also added, that the disclosure of this case was the sweet fruit of his party’s collaboration with Immigration and BP3MI of Banten Province.

He also said, that the 9 CPMI victims of this case were promised a salary of Rp7 million to Rp20 million per month by suspect J to work at a wood/meubel/furniture factory in Serbia.

“On average, these 9 CPMIs are asked for a departure fee to work in Serbia of Rp60 million to Rp75 million. If they are successful in leaving, FP gets a profit of Rp2,5 million to Rp7,5 million per person from suspect J,” said Kompol Reza.

Finally, he also conveyed a message from the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto, that people should not be easily tempted by the lure of brokers who promise a better life by working abroad.

“If you find information about a crime, please report it directly to the Polresta Soetta Airport. We are ready to receive reports from anyone related to security and social order in the Soetta Airport area,” he stressed.

From the representative of BP2MI Banten, Kombes Pol Budi Novijanto also stated, that all Indonesian citizens who wish to work abroad must first fulfill the requirements regulated by law.

“In the future, we will continue to work together so that we can suppress problems that arise if CPMI leaves without procedures. Why? Because most of them will face problems in other countries,” he explained.

Furthermore, from the Immigration side, the Head of TPI Immigration Class I at Soetta Airport, Uckhy Adhitya also stated, that starting from January 1 to March 22 2024, his party had succeeded in delaying the departure of 870 Indonesian citizens suspected of being non-procedural Indonesian migrant workers.

He also didn’t deny that this success was thanks to intervention or assistance from stakeholders such as the Polresta Soetta Airport, BP2MI and airlines.

Finally, Uchky also expressed his highest appreciation to the Polresta Soetta Airport for successfully uncovering this case.

“We at the Soekarno-Hatta Special Class 1 Immigration Office give our highest appreciation to the Polresta Soetta Airport. This activity is a form of togetherness, a form of excellent collaboration between us and the police,” he said.

Meanwhile, investigators have charged the three suspects in this case with multiple articles. The three of them are subject to Article 83 in conjunction with Article 68 in conjunction with Article 69 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 18 of 2017 concerning Non-Criminal Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers. The threat of punishment that awaits is a maximum imprisonment of 10 years and a maximum fine of Rp15 billion.

Then they were also charged under Article 4 of the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 21 of 2007 concerning the Eradication of the Crime of Human Trafficking with a maximum threat of 15 years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp600 million. (Bembo)

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