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BerandaHukum & KriminalPolrestro Jakbar Arrest Online Grab Driver Who Extorted Passengers

Polrestro Jakbar Arrest Online Grab Driver Who Extorted Passengers, JAKARTA – The Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) arrested an online Grab taxi driver with the initials M (30) who was suspected of extorting his passengers. M was arrested less than 24 hours after the victim made a police report.

Kasat Reskrim Polres Metro Jakarta Barat, AKBP Andri Kurniawan, in his official statement said, that M carried out an act of extortion against a victim named Cindy on Thursday, (28/3).

“The victim was picked up at the Neo Soho Mall pick-up point with the destination of being dropped off at his residence in Puri Mansion,” said AKBP Andri Kurniawan when confirmed Friday, (29/3).

“It was during this trip that M carried out acts of extortion against the victim. After dropping the victim off at the drop-off location, the perpetrator immediately left,” he added.

The victim then made a police report to Polda Metro Jaya. The report was then handed over to the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat for follow-up.

Based on this report, the Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Satreskrim team then moved and coordinated with Grab Indonesia. “And finally we were able to arrest the online driver who was suspected of blackmailing the victim last night in the Cempaka Putih area, Jakarta Pusat,” said AKBP Andri.

Based on the results of the examination, AKBP Andri continued, the perpetrator admitted that he had blackmailed the victim

“Currently we are still carrying out the process of investigating the perpetrators and we will reveal the details in the near future,” he said again. (Bembo)

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