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BerandaHukum & KriminalPolsek Pesanggrahan Patrol Intercepts TOTR Convoy, 11 Teenagers Arrested

Polsek Pesanggrahan Patrol Intercepts TOTR Convoy, 11 Teenagers Arrested, JAKARTA – Members of the Polsek Pesanggrahan intercepted a group of students who were convoying to takjil on the road (TOTR) while lighting firecrackers, last Friday, (5/4). The TOTR convoy of teenagers was intercepted in two locations, namely Jalan RC Veteran, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, and Jalan Ciledug Raya, Petukangan Utara, Pesanggrahan,  Jakarta Selatan at around 18.00 WIB.

Kapolsek Pesanggrahan, Kompol Tedjo Asmoro in his official statement said, that the preventive strike action carried out by his staff succeeded in securing 11 teenagers. Currently, the teenagers who are high school and vocational school students are still undergoing the examination process.

“We have arrested a total of 11 people because the convoy was lighting firecrackers. We are currently still processing it,” said Kapolsek Tedjo Asmoro to reporters, Saturday, (6/4).

He explained again, that the teenagers’ actions were caught by police who were on patrol. The patrol activity itself was carried out to anticipate the existence of motorbike convoys under the pretext of TOTR which are currently popular in the month of Ramadan.

“We are carrying out this patrol activity in accordance with the direction of the Kapolda Metro Jaya and the Kapolres Metro Jakarta Selatan to anticipate and prevent convoys from using the TOTR pretext,” said Kapolsek Tedjo.

In this action, the police
also confiscated 5 flags and 10 firecrackers.

“We are still detaining everyone at the Polsek. The procedure is still to call the parents and the school,” he said again.

Furthermore, Kapolsek Tedjo also said, that actually there were hundreds of teenagers who were caught in a TOTR motorbike convoy on Jalan Ciledug Raya. However, the teenagers went straight to the place where they broke the fast together when they were followed by a police patrol.

“There are hundreds of them in Ciledug Raya and the method is the same. We followed them but they immediately entered the bukber place. So we advised them that after the bukber was over, there should be no convoy,” he explained again. (Bembo)

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