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Polsek Senen Arrest Thugs Stabbed Thugs in Kramat Bundar

progresifjaya.id, JAKARTA – Two Senen thugs clashed and ended up stabbing the victim SW alias Andika in the chest with two holes.

The stabbing was carried out by the suspect AHB alias Andi Picek in front of the HKSN Park Statue Bus Stop, Jalan Kramat Bundar, Senen, Jakarta Pusat. After the incident, the suspect AHB alias Andi Picek was arrested in the Pasar Senen area.

Kapolsek Senen, AKP Bambang Santoso in his official statement said, that the perpetrator and victim knew each other. Initially the two of them chatted then it ended in a difference of understanding.

“The perpetrator then left the scene and returned with a prayer knife. The victim was stabbed twice in the right and left armpits. The victim suffered serious injuries and was dying,” said Kapolsek Bambang to reporters, Monday (3/6).

The victim underwent treatment at RSCM for stab wounds to the right and left chest. Meanwhile, the perpetrator ran away and threw away his sharp weapon in the Kranji area, Bekasi.

“The motive was to be offended by chatting. The suspect was arrested at the Senen Market area. However, the sharp weapon was thrown away by the perpetrator in Kranji and has not been found,” said Kapolsek Bambang.

“The evidence confiscated was the jacket the suspect was wearing. And the suspect faces 5 years in prison for his actions,” he added at the end of the statement. (Bembo)

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