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BerandaHukum & KriminalPregnant Woman Dies in Kelapa Gading Shophouse Due to Forced Abortion

Pregnant Woman Dies in Kelapa Gading Shophouse Due to Forced Abortion, JAKARTA – The pregnant woman who was found dead in a Kelapa Gading shophouse, Ristia Ningsih (34), apparently died because she was forced to have an abortion by her boyfriend, who is also a suspect in this case, Agustami (27).

What was distressing was that when he saw that his girlfriend of 3 years was bleeding profusely, instead of helping him, the suspect left his dying lover.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Utara, Kombes Pol Gidion Arif Setyawan in his official statement said, that before leaving the dying victim, the evil-hearted suspect first stole the victim’s cell phone.

“So the abortion attempt started in Lampung. Then menorrhagia or excessive bleeding continued to occur until the incident at this place,” said Kapolres Gidion at a press conference at the scene of the incident, Tuesday, (23/4) yesterday.

As previously reported, Ristia’s body was found in one of the shophouses on Jalan Boulevard Raya, Kelapa Gading, covered in blood on last Saturday, (20/4).

From the results of police searches and investigations, Agustami was identified as the person who was last seen with Ristia. The police finally arrested Agustami in Lampung the next day.

To be held accountable for his actions, the suspect Agustami was charged with multiple articles. The suspect was charged under Article 338 of the Criminal Code concerning Murder in conjunction with Article 359 concerning Negligently Causing the Death of Another Person in conjunction with Article 365 concerning Theft with Violence in conjunction with Article 348 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code concerning Intentionally Aborting a Woman’s Pregnancy with the Woman’s Permission.

Specifically for this article, the maximum penalty is 5 years and 6 months in prison. However, if the woman dies, the threat will be 7 years in prison. (Bembo)

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