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Preparing for the 10th WWF Security, the Polri Holds Latpraops Puri Agung 2024, BADUNG – Preparing for security for the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) in Bali, 18-25 May 2024, the Polri Headquarters held Puri Agung 2024 pre-operation training (Latpraops) at the Giri Nata Mandala Cultural Hall, Puspem Badung, Bali.

Head of the Polri’s Security Maintenance Agency (Kabaharkam), Komjen Pol Fadil Imran in his official statement said, that in the implementation or pre-ops (operation) stage, his party wanted to check the readiness of the personnel who had been floating in each object.

He also said, that this training was held to ensure that personnel who were members of the Task Force understood the main security tasks. The police will also coordinate further regarding WWF’s security synergy with other agencies.

“We also talked about the real support of the Bali Regional Government so that this WWF activity can run well, related to smooth traffic, reducing the volume of vehicles, frequency of people,” said Komjen Pol Fadil Imran at the Puspem Badung, Sunday, (12/5)

He also stated, that coordination with the Bali Regional Government also concerns community mobility in the area around the location for the smooth running of activities. Such as setting student study hours and working hours for residents around the WWF venue.

“So we also discussed and coordinated with the Regional Government with work from home (WFH) or online learning (students),” he said.

For further information, the World Water Forum (WWF) is the largest water sector forum in the world with a backdrop of increasing global water needs. This forum will be attended by 43 heads of state and 16 thousand participants from various countries.

The 10th WWF in Badung, Bali will present 290 sessions or parallel events discussing various crucial themes related to water. Starting from water security and prosperity, water for people and nature, disaster risk reduction and management, governance, cooperation and water diplomacy, sustainable water financing, as well as knowledge and innovation. (Bembo)

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