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BerandaHukum & KriminalPresidential Appointment Plenary Meeting at KPU, Polri Deploys 4,266 Security Personnel

Presidential Appointment Plenary Meeting at KPU, Polri Deploys 4,266 Security Personnel, JAKARTA – The Polri has alerted 4,266 joint personnel to guard and secure the proceedings of the Plenary Meeting to Determine the Elected President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia for the 2024 Election at the Indonesian KPU, Jalan Imam Bonjol Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, Wednesday, (24/4).

Apart from alerting thousands of security personnel, the Polri also didn’t forget to provide a location for people who wanted to express their opinions in public.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Kombes Pol Susatyo Purnomo Condro in his official explanation said, that thousands of security personnel would be deployed at various points along the path of the mass demonstration.

Meanwhile, the traffic engineering scheme has currently been prepared but is situational following developments in conditions in the field.

“If the escalation increases, we will close Jalan Iman Bonjol in front of the KPU RI office. Residents who are going to pass Jalan Imam Bonjol to look for an alternative route because it is hampered by mass action will express their opinions at the KPU RI office,” explained Kapolres Susatyo at the location of the KPU RI Building, Wednesday, (24/4).

He also said, that the participants in the demonstration would also be reminded to pay attention to the rights of other people who did not take part in the demonstration.

“We give a firm appeal to anyone who will express an opinion in public, as regulated in the law, to pay attention to the rights of other people. Avoid commotion and clashes with other demonstrators. Let’s work together to maintain peace and order,” he said remind.

“Meanwhile, for all security personnel, i reiterate the prohibition on carrying firearms or bayonets while on duty. The Provost and his commanders check directly with their members to ensure that no one is carrying firearms or bayonets. Act persuasively, don’t be provoked, prioritize negotiations, and provide humane service. Also carry out your duties according to procedures,” said Kapolres Susatyo.

“There should be no personal movements or actions. All orders and control are from me. This activity is our momentum and history in carrying out our duties. Serve our brothers and sisters who will convey their opinions humanistically and professionally,” he continued reminding.

At the visitor’s direction, he didn’t forget to also invite the public to offer prayers for the progress and prosperity of the Indonesian nation.

“Let’s work together to maintain the unity and unity of the nation. Don’t be divided due to provocative hoax news. And let’s pray to create an Indonesia that is safe, peaceful and dignified,” he concluded. (Bembo)

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