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BerandaKesehatanPreventing Stunting, Polsek Kemayoran Distributes Basic Food and Milk to the Community

Preventing Stunting, Polsek Kemayoran Distributes Basic Food and Milk to the Community, JAKARTA – In an effort to prevent stunting or growth disorders, Kapolsek Kemayoran, Kompol Arnold Julius Simanjuntak together with Wakapolsek Kemayoran, AKP Suparno and Head of Public Relations, Bripka Ricky Sihite went directly to provide basic food and milk assistance. The distribution was carried out on Jalan Gg Spoor Dalam RT012/RW95, Gunung Sahari Selatan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, (28/2) yesterday.

The basic food and milk assistance was given specifically to residents whose children were affected by stunting.

One of the residents who received assistance, Mr. Suparmin, admitted that he had 2 children, namely Muhammad Danu Saputra (5 years) and Abdillah Fatir (3 years). And he really appreciates the Kemayoran Police for their concern for the environment.

Kapolsek Kemayoran, Kompol Arnold Julius Simanjuntak, in his official statement expressed the hope that this distribution of basic necessities would not be seen as just material assistance. But it can also be used as motivation for citizens to live healthily and avoid breaking the law.

It is hoped that this support and direction from the police, continued Kapolsek Arnold, can strengthen public awareness of the importance of health and compliance with the law. (Bembo)

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