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Problems of Eradicating Online Gambling, Kapolda Metro: “Financial Strength, 1 Dead Server Grows to 1,000”, JAKARTA –  The problem of online gambling is not a trivial matter that is easy to eradicate. There are many factors that influence the existence and continuity of cyber gambling operations. One of them is the financial strength of online gambling players, especially large international bookies, which has almost no limits. This power makes them like gods who are difficult to touch but can do whatever they want.

Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto himself agrees with this. He even gave an example of the existence of online gambling servers abroad, one that dies can grow by a thousand.

“The police continue to coordinate with related parties to make efforts to block and take down websites that indicate online gambling as a necessity. However, the problem is, many of the servers abroad today have gone down, one has gone down, two have gone down, two have gone up to three. And so on,” explained the Kapolda Karyoto to journalists, Friday, (5/7).

He also said, that his party continues to intensively carry out cyber patrols to identify websites indicated for online gambling. After that, his party also aggressively submitted efforts to block online gambling websites to the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information.

“Some time ago i submitted several accounts to be taken down, whose domains were taken down by Kominfo. The Polri Headquarters is also equally active because perhaps from the IT side the Polri Headquarters has more complete tools,” he said.

Furthermore, Kapolda Karyoto also said, that despite the Polri’s intensive efforts to crack down on online gambling sites, he also appealed to the public not to be tempted by online gambling. The police also always coordinate with religious leaders to jointly provide direction and spiritual support to the community.

“The most important thing is that i urge the public, including Mr. Ustad, Mr. Kiai, as well as community figures, to stop online gambling because it is detrimental,” said Kapolda Karyoto.

“I’ve also said a lot that online gambling is really destructive. Stop gambling, stop gambling. Let’s focus on life. If people need to live to eat, they have to look for work. Look for a good job, don’t gamble online,” he added. (Bembo)

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