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PSB Polda Metro Targets Nightlife Places, 2 People Test Positive for Drugs and 171 Bottles of Alcohol Without Distribution Permit, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya held a large-scale patrol or PSB targeting nightlife venues in the DKI Jakarta area, last Friday (8/6) night. The patrol, led by the Dirresnarkoba of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Hengki has a strength of 460 personnel, involving POM TNI, Customs and Excise, Satpol PP, Tourism Service and BNNP.

In his instructions during the PSB patrol call in front of the Ditreskrimsus Polda Metro Jaya Building, Kombes Pol Hengki said, that the patrol with the enhanced routine activity classification (KRYD) was targeting nightlife venues to eradicate drug trafficking.

“Tonight’s patrol activities will be divided into 4 location points and each will be led by a control officer from the Narcotics Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya. Colleagues, please check the distribution permits for drinks being sold. Check urine on visitors suspected of using drugs. If drug trafficking is found, immediately give the police line to that location,” he stressed.

He also advised personnel on duty in the field to carry out their duties in a humane manner. Visitors to night entertainment venues should be advised to understand and comply with public security and social security messages.

For your information, from the PSB results that night, it was found that 2 visitors to nightclubs tested positive for amphetamine or methamphetamine when urine tested. Both of them were immediately taken to the Narcotics Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya for examination.

Then 171 bottles of liquor without distribution permits were found by Customs and Excise. Direct sealing was carried out on the liquor storage warehouse. (Bembo)

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