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PWI Pusat DK Sanctions Considered Stupid and Legally Flawed, Sayid Iskandarsyah Remains Secretary General of PWI Pusat, JAKARTA – The Honorary Council (DK) of the PWI Pusat is strongly suspected of being arbitrary and acting towards the ranks below it. Their position or rank as the highest in the organization makes them forgetful and arrogant.

It’s like what a mpu in Java said: “Ojo arrogant nek dadi duwuran, ning pasar duwuran regane ten ewu entuk telu”. If you are not Javanese, the saying in English would be, “Don’t be arrogant if you are a boss. In the market, tops are on sale for 10 thousand get three.”

The synonymy of this language was experienced by the Secretary General (Sekjen) of the  Association of Indonesian Journalists (PWI) Pusat, Sayid Iskandarsyah. He was declared by the PWI Pusat DK to be temporarily suspended as a PWI member. Not accepting this statement, Sayid reacted by providing clarification.

“Until now, i am still an active PWI member and legally remain Secretary General of the  PWI Pusat. In fact, the statement by the Honorary Council or PWI Pusat DK as the highest structure in the organization is very legally flawed organizationally,” said Sayid in a press release in Jakarta, Monday, (24/6).

He explained, that the decision to temporarily dismiss him unilaterally was stated in the Honorary Council Decree Number 21/IV/DK/PWI-P/SK-SR/2024 concerning organizational sanctions against him on April 16 2024, and Number 37/IV/DK/PWI- P/SK-SR/2024 concerning sanctions for temporary dismissal on June 7 2024.

According to organizational regulations, he continued, it was clearly proven that there were five facts that showed that the decision was arbitrary. And there is no need to dispute this because it is an authentic fact.

The first fact is that there was no opportunity for clarification. “I was never asked for information or clarification by the Honorary Council. Even though my right to defend myself is guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution, Article 28G Paragraph (1),” he said.

Furthermore, the fact is that it does not correspond to authority. The DK decision ordering the return of a certain amount of money and indicating misuse of funds, legally the organization is not under the authority and competence of the DK.

“Budget implementation and accountability have been strictly regulated in the congress which was previously audited. Until now, we are still waiting for the results of the audit on the implementation of UKW funds,” said Sayid again.

Next again are unclear procedural facts. DK, explained Sayid, de facto does not yet have procedures for receiving complaints and examining violations of PD, PRT, KEJ, and the Journalists’ Code of Conduct (KPW).

Then comes the fourth fact, namely inaccurate decisions. The DK’s decision, Sayid continued, was based on information from the MSS General Treasurer without comparing it with clarification from related parties. Later, the MSS statement was proven to be inaccurate and was re-clarified to the Chairman of the PWI Pusat DK, Sasongko Tedjo.

The final fact of this case of arbitrary decisions and legal flaws is that there is no recommendation. The DK’s selfish and one-sided decision was not reinforced by recommendations from the Provincial Honorary Council.

“As a member of PWI, i am deeply concerned about DK’s arbitrary decision. Without them realizing it, it has actually exposed all of their stupidity about organizational life to the wider community. Even though they are all senior journalists and their careers have been polished in the mainstream mass media. Hadeuh,” Sayid said.

He also said, that in the preamble to the Code of Conduct for Journalists (KPW) there are clear and firm references and guidelines for carrying out the profession in the field. He also emphasized that self-defense is a human right protected by the constitution.

For this reason, Sayid said again, he still feels that he is legally and actively the Secretary General of the PWI Pusat. Moreover, the legal process regarding the Honorary Council’s decision is still ongoing.

“So it’s clear, firm and objective, yes. The legal process is still ongoing, meaning there is no basis for legal force yet. It’s not yet finalized. That’s why i say i’m sad about the stupid attitude and behavior of the PWI Pusat DK, which consists of senior journalists from mainstream media. Their status and fate are cool, but that’s it. It still can’t obscure their true stupidity,” he stressed. (Bembo)

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