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Realizing the “RW 11 Village of Faith” Program, Aiptu Suyatno Receives an Award from the Kapolda Metro Police, JAKARTA – Bhabinkamtibmas Palmerah Subdistrict Polsek Palmerah, Aiptu Suyatno received a prestigious award from the Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto. The award was given in recognition of his dedication and extraordinary work initiative to realize the flagship program “RW 11 Kampung Beliman”.

This award was given directly by Kapolda  Karyoto after the opening of the 2024 Regional Police Binmas Function Working Meeting at the Grand Syahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta Pusat, Tuesday, (11/6) yesterday.

The flagship program of RW 11 Kampung Beriman by Aiptu Suyatno is an acronym for Clean, Beautiful and Comfortable. These three principles are the main foundation of this program.

‘Clean’ in the context of this program includes a healthy environment, free from Security and Community Security problems, and free from drug abuse and trafficking.

This effort involves regular environmental cleaning, health education and collaboration with security forces to eradicate drugs in the area.

Then ‘Beautiful’ refers to the aesthetics of an environment that is green, beautiful and cares about cleanliness.

Greening and maintenance of parks and public facilities is carried out in mutual cooperation by residents to create views that are pleasant and refreshing to the eye.

Meanwhile, the word ‘Comfortable’ has the connotation of an atmosphere of harmony and mutual cooperation between residents of areas of racial, religious, ethnic or religious discrimination.

The community is invited to help and support each other, creating a sense of security and comfort for all.

This program received full support from the Chair of RW 11 Palmerah, M. Zaenuddin and other RT Chairs, religious leaders, community leaders and youth organizations.

This close collaboration between various elements of society is the key to the success of the RW 11 Kampung Beriman program.

On the same occasion, Kapolsek Palmerah, Kompol Sugiran also expressed his deep appreciation for the initiative and efforts of Palmerah Bhabinkamtibmas, Aiptu Suyatno.

“This award is clear evidence of the hard work and dedication shown by Palmerah Police personnel to create a better and safer environment. Hopefully the RW 11 Kampung Beliman program can be an example for other areas,” said Kapolsek Sugiran, Wednesday, (12/6 ).

Meanwhile, when confirmed, Aiptu Suyatno expressed his gratitude and gratitude for the award he had received.

He also said, that the success of this program was thanks to the support and cooperation of all parties.

“I am very grateful to all the residents of RW 11 Palmerah, Mr. M. Zaenuddin, RT heads, religious leaders, community leaders, and karang taruna who have worked together enthusiastically. Without their support, this program would not have been successful,” he said gratefully.

He also said, that the award he received was a source of pride for all RW 11 Palmerah residents, not just him. This award makes residents more motivated to continue to maintain and improve environmental quality and harmony between them.

He also hopes, that the RW 11 Kampung Beriman program can be an inspiration for other villages to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment, while strengthening social ties between their residents.

This program is an exemplary example of how a community can work together to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment.

Real evidence of the success of this program can also be seen from the spirit of mutual cooperation and concern of RW 11 Palmerah residents for the environment and each other. They can show that positive change can be created from collaboration and shared commitment. (Bembo)

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