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Receiving Recognition for Outstanding Performance, Kapolda Metro Receives Honorary Brevet for Loyalty and Vigilance of Paspampres, JAKARTA – The Kapolda Metro Jaya, Irjen Pol Karyoto, received great respect and recognition for his hard work and dedication in securing the President of the Republic of Indonesia while serving in the jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya. This respect and recognition was given in the form of an award and an Honorary Brevet of Faithful Vigilance by the Presidential Security Force (Paspampres), last Friday, (28/6).

The award ceremony and pinning of the Paspampres Loyal and Vigilant Honorary Brevet was carried out directly by the Paspampres Commander, Mayjen TNI Achiruddin, to the Kapolda Karyoto
at Mako Paspampres, Jakarta Pusat.

In his remarks, Mayjen TNI Achiruddin said, that the Honorary Brevet for Faithful and Vigilant Paspampres was an award and honor given to personnel who contributed and were directly involved in VVIP security operations. Apart from that, this honorary brevet can also be said to be a form of trust given specifically by the Paspampres extended family to selected and selected soldiers and personnel.

“The Paspampres Faithful Vigilance Award and Brevet were given to the Kapolda Metro Jaya because of his very satisfactory performance in carrying out the President’s security duties in the Polda Metro Jaya area,” said Mayjen TNI Achiruddin.

When ending his speech, Mayjen TNI Achiruddin on behalf of all Paspampres soldiers, also wished the Polri a happy 78th anniversary.

“Hopefully the Polri will be more successful towards a Golden Indonesia,” exclaimed Mayjen TNI Achiruddin.

The award ceremony and honorary Brevet for Loyal and Vigilant Paspampres for Kapolda Karyoto was also witnessed by the Military Secretary to the President (Sesmilpres), the Assistant Intelligence Officer for the Presidential Security Forces (Asintel Paspampres) as well as the Kapolres ranks at Polda Metro Jaya. (Bembo)

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