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Responsive, Kasi Humas of the Polsek Metro Tanah Abang Helps the Victim of a Single Accident at the State Printing House, JAKARTA – Humanist responsive action was demonstrated by the Head of Kasi Humas of the Polsek Metro Tanah Abang, Aipda Alfian when helping a resident named Ciripa who had a single accident on Jalan Percetakan Negara, Jakarta Pusat, Sunday, (26/5).

The story of this humanist action began when Aipda Alfian was passing by Jalan Percetakan Negara. Then he received a report from the public regarding a single accident on the road. After hearing the report, Aipda Alfian rushed to the reported accident location.

Upon arrival at the location, first aid was immediately administered to the victim. After that, he immediately rushed the victim to the
Cempaka Putih Islamic Hospital to receive treatment and care. Furthermore, Aipda Alfian also contacted the  Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat Traffic Accident officers to handle this incident.

The victim’s family, who learned of the responsive humanist action of the Polri humas personnel, immediately expressed their deepest gratitude to Aipda Alfian. They admitted that they were very grateful that thanks to the speed of Aipda Alfian’s responsive action, the victim was able to quickly receive medical treatment at the Jakarta Pusat Islamic Hospital.

“What i am doing is a manifestation of the police’s duties as protectors, protectors and servants of the community. It is our duty to do things like that. There is no need to exaggerate,” said Aipda Alfian modestly. (Bembo)

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