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Reverend Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong’s Alleged Religious Blasphemy Case, Polda Metro Take Over Sumsel and Sulsel LP, JAKARTA – The case of alleged religious blasphemy committed by Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong continues to be investigated by investigators from the State Security (Kamneg) Sub-Directorate of the Ditreskrimum at Polda Metro Jaya. Most recently, investigators will take over all police reports (LP) regarding this alleged case.

As is known, in Polda Metro Jaya alone there are 3 LP for alleged religious blasphemy committed by Pastor Gilbert. The first report came from the famous lawyer, Farhat Abbas. Then the second LP was from the Chairman of the Indonesian Youth Congress (KPI) Sapto Wibowo and finally from the Indonesian Chinese Islamic Brotherhood (PITI).

Outside Polda Metro,  LP for the same case are also in South Sumatra and South Sulawesi. These two LP will be taken to Polda Metro Jaya to participate in the investigation.

Kabid Humas of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Ade Ary Syam Indradi in his official explanation said, that currently investigators from the Sub-Directorate of Kamneg Polda Metro Jaya are still coordinating with the Polda Sumsel and Polda Sulsel to collect the report. After all the reports have been collected, the new investigator will schedule a case title.

“Yes, after that they are combined into one, then the case will be held. The schedule will be informed later,” he said Friday, (5/7) yesterday.

Separately and at different times, the Dirreskrimum of Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol Wira Satya Triputra in his statement said, that investigators were still scheduling summonses for witnesses related to this case. However, he didn’t say how many witnesses would be called

“In Pastor Gilbert’s case, we will still collect statements from witnesses first. This includes collecting other evidence,” said Kombes Pol Wira at that time.

If all witness examinations have been completed, he continued, then investigators will summon Pastor Gilbert as the reported party.

“After all the series are finished, then we move on to the examination of Pastor Gilbert,” he said again.

Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong was forced to deal with the police because a number of parties reported that his sermon was accused of insulting Islam. The video of his sermon also became a topic of conversation and went viral on social media because he compared the amount of zakat between Islam and Christianity. He also mentioned one of the movements in prayer.
Pastor Gilbert in his sermon at that time discussed the issue of 2,5 percent zakat and compared it with tithe. viral on social media. He also discussed the prayer movements of Muslims and compared them with the movements of Christians when worshiping in church. (Bembo)

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