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Sabu Supplier to Virgoun Arrested, Turns Out to be Last Child Band Crew, JAKARTA – The Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Narcotics Investigation Unit was finally able to arrest the supplier of crystal methamphetamine (sabu) to musician Virgoun. The supplier with the initials BGS is the crew from the band Last Child which soared thanks to the song “Duka” which became a hit for this band.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Barat, Kombes Pol M. Syahduddi in his official statement said, that the suspect BGS was arrested at his home. And based on Virgoun’s statement, he had done two drug transactions with BGS.

“So now there are 3 people who have been named as suspects, namely V and PA who are also V and B’s female friends or BGS who are the providers of the narcotics given to V’s brother. We have also coordinated with the DKI Jakarta BNNP integrated assessment team and today, the assessment activities will be carried out against the three suspects,” explained Kapolres M Syahduddi at Polres Metro Jakarta Barat Headquarters, Monday, (24/6).

He also said, that when BGS was arrested, no evidence of drugs was found. However, he admitted to investigators that he had supplied drugs to Virgoun.

“No evidence of narcotics was found, but BGS admitted that he was the one who provided the goods and there were also financial transactions. When BGS was searched, several butts of synthetic tobacco were found,” he explained again.

Furthermore, Kapolres M. Syahduddi also said, that his party was still continuing to carry out in-depth investigations. Whether in the investigation we will also find information that members of the Last Child band are using drugs, this cannot yet be revealed.

“Investigators are still investigating. What is clear is that the drugs Virgoun used were obtained from BGS,” said Kapolres M. Syahduddi. (Bembo)

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