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Satrio Mukti Raharjo, Polri Non-Commissioned Officer Cassis Victim of Begal Gets a Motorbike as a Prize, JAKARTA – Polres Metro Jakarta Barat gave a surprise gift to Satrio Mukti Raharjo (18), a
Polri non-commissioned officer casis  who was the victim of a robbery while on his way to the location of the Polri Non-Commissioned Psychology test.

Today, Monday, (20/5), Kapolres Metro Jakarta Barat, Kombes Pol M Syahduddi again visited Satrio Mukti Raharjo’s residence on Jalan Alpukat 2 Number 10 RT 002 RW 02, North Tanjung Duren Village, Grogol Petamburan District.

The arrival of Kapolres M Syahduddi was to provide a Yamaha motorbike with gear as a form of attention and support.

“When i come this time, u want to convey the mandate from the Mr Kapolda Metro Jaya by giving me a motorbike. This vehicle is assistance from community members who care about this case,” said Kapolres M Syahduddi at the location.

He explained, that this assistance was a replacement for the lost Satrio motorbike stolen by criminals. This is also a form of appreciation from the community for Tio’s courage and sacrifice who managed to survive the perpetrators of the crime.

Kapolres M. Syahduddi also hopes that this new motorbike can increase Satrio’s motivation and enthusiasm to return to his activities.

When asked whether there was a special message from the Kapolda Metro for Satrio, Kapolres M Syahduddi said that the Kapolda Metro Jaya hoped that Satrio would recover quickly and be healthy again. The Kapolda Metro also advised Satrio to prepare himself so that he could undergo education well and smoothly.

He also added, that the robbery case of Satrio Mukti Raharjo or who is familiarly called Tio has become a public concern. The police have also responded quickly in terms of law enforcement by securing the perpetrators. The police also coordinated with the hospital to handle Tio’s health condition.

“The most important thing is the response from the Kapolri who gave Tio an award for being able to take part in education as a member of the Polri. We also thank the people who care about this problem and provide assistance with one motorbike,” he explained.

The Polres Metro Jakarta Barat efforts to provide support to Satrio Mukti Raharjo is a real form of the Polri’s concern and solidarity with the community. This can also be an inspiration for many people about the importance of courage and determination in facing life’s challenges. (Bembo)

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