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SMAN 61 Student who was Reported Missing was Found Safe by the Police, JAKARTA – Sayidah Nailaturahmah (SN), a student at SMAN 61 who was reported missing and left her home since last Tuesday, (4/6), was found by the police.

Now, the woman who is often called N, a resident of Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur has been reunited with her beloved family and is in good health.

Kapolres Metro Jakarta Timur, Kombes PolNicolas Ary Lilipaly in his statement explained, that SN was found today, Saturday, (8/6) in the morning at around 00.15 WIB. SN disappeared because he was staying at the Pondok Kopi Hospital Mosque, Jakarta Timur.

“N has been taken back home. But he cannot take a statement yet because he is still in shock. Later, the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur PPA Unit together with the UPT PPPA team, child observers and KPAI will provide assistance to restore the child’s psychology,” explained Kapolres Nicolas today.

Meanwhile, Kasat Reskrim for Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, AKBP Dr. Armunanto Hutahaean added, that this case started when SN’s parents, named Andi Saputra, visited the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur SPKT on Wednesday, 5 June 2024 at around 07.00 WIB.

In his report, he admitted that his son last left the house on Tuesday 4 June 2024 at around 05.45 WIB to go to school at SMAN 61 Jakarta using Jacklingko 42 Pondok Kelapa-Kampung Melayu transportation.

After more than 1 x 24 hours, SN apparently never came home. His parents, who were worried, tried to search the school and surrounding areas and continued to call the victim’s telephone number. But it’s not active. Until finally this was reported to the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur.

The police who received the report immediately followed up. On Thursday, June 6 2024 at around 24.00 WIB, the Criminal Investigation Unit Opsnal Team, Resmob Unit and Jatanras Unit met the reporter to check and process the crime scene and to dig up information about the daily lives of the victim and the victim’s close friends. Then other witnesses and other evidence such as CCTV were also sought and efforts were made to double-check the victim’s cellphone number.

0on Friday, June 7 2024 at around 18.30 WIB, AKBP Dr. Armunanto Hutahaean gathered his members in the parking lot of the Jakarta Timur PTUN office to divide the tasks of combing routes and checking CCTV on the Jacklingko 42 route which the victim allegedly took when he left the house to go to school.

From the results of checking and tracing by the police, it was discovered that the victim’s cellphone was on/off around Jalan Raya Pisiran/RS. Islam Pondok Kopi.

Next, the Polres Metro Jakarta Timur Satreskrim Opsnal team, backed up by the Jatanras Team, the Polda Metro Jaya Criminal Investigation Team and the Polri Criminal Investigation Unit Resmob Team along with the victim’s father, conducted a search around the Pilingan area and around the Pondok Kopi Islamic Hospital.

Thanks to the maximum efforts made by the Police, finally at around 00.15 WIB the victim was found inside the Pondok Kopi Duren Sawit Islamic Hospital Mosque, Jakarta Timur.

“Furthermore, the victim was taken home to the victim’s parents’ house in good health and his belongings included a complete laptop and cellphone,” said AKBP Dr. Armunanto.

Separately, the victim’s parents, Andi Saputra, expressed their gratitude and great appreciation to the police who had succeeded in finding their missing child.

He also confirmed that his biological child SN, known as N, had been found and was reunited with his beloved family on Saturday, June 8 2024 at 00.10 WIB.

“Alhamdulillah, we pray to Allah SWT. And don’t forget, we also express our deepest gratitude for the attention, support and prayers from various parties, especially the police institution,” he said with great gratitude.

“Also for media friends, the extended family of SMAN 61, SMAN 50, MTs 42 and MIN 10 Jakarta. Also for all elements of society and parties that we cannot mention one by one,” he added. (Bembo)

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