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Starting the Dalmas Patko Ditsamapta Polda Metro Competition, Polrestro Depok and Polrestro Jaksel Compete Tightly, JAKARTA – Ditsamapta Polda Metro Jaya today, Wednesday, (19/6) started holding Dalmas, Precision Patrol and Patko Competitions in the context of Bhayangkara’s 78th anniversary. Appearing as participants on the first day were Polres Metro Depok, Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan, Polres Metro Jakarta Utara, and Polres Seribu Islands.

Then on the second day tomorrow, Thursday, (20/6) the Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat, Polres Metro Tangerang City, Polres Metro Bekasi, Polres Tangerang Selatan and Polres Tanjung Priok Harbor will appear.

On the final day, Friday, (21/6), competition participants came from Polres Metro Jakarta Barat, Polres Metro Jakarta Timur, Polres Metro Bekasi City dan Polresta Soetta Airport.

This competition was opened with the appearance of the Polres Metro Jakarta Utara Team in the Dalmas and City Patrol (Patko) categories. The team, consisting of 33 personnel – 30 young Dalmas personnel and 3 negotiator personnel – tried to perform as well as possible during the demonstration, even though they also seemed nervous about appearing for the first time.

The Polres Metro Jakarta Utara Team then deployed 3 personnel to appear in action in the Patko category. It looks quite neat in this category.

The next performer was the Polres Metro Depok. Interestingly, unlike the Jakarta Utara Team which has a decline in young personnel, the Polres Metro Depok Dalmas Team actually dares to be different by fielding personnel with the majority of mature age. One example is the appearance of Aipda Subarno, who was born in 1966 and at the end of this year will retire at the age of 58.

With the relatively young age of its personnel, what is unique is that the Polres Metro Depok Dalmas Team can show a very mature and trendy appearance. Personnel cohesion is relatively maintained and well coordinated when receiving leadership instructions. Including displaying a strong formation and meeting the rioting crowd when the Dalmas action continued.

Likewise with the appearance of the policewoman negotiator who communicated well. When appearing in the Patko category, a similar performance was also shown just as well.

Next again is the appearance of the Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan Team. Just like Jakarta Utara, the SelatanTeam also fielded relatively young Dalmas personnel. There is only one mature age personnel in this team, represented by Aipda Y. Hermawan.

In terms of appearance, the attractions shown by the Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan Dalmas Team were also quite neat. Each movement can be shown in a compact manner following the instructions. The tightness and tightness of the team’s formation when anticipating riotous crowds when the Dalmas action continued also looked strong.

Patko personnel can also show a coordinated compact appearance during the competition. Even though the calm impression is clearly visible, this does not reduce the harmony of the patrol personnel’s movements and the simulated dialogue patterns.

The final performer of the first day’s competition was the Polres Seribu Islands. Different from the three previous participants, the Polres Thousand Islands Dalmas Team only has 21 personnel plus 3 negotiator personnel.

But before they appeared, criticism from the jury had already emerged because they saw that some of the personnel’s long hair was not the Dalmas Samapta standard. Point deductions seem to be done directly in this section.

Overall, the performance shown by the Polres Seribu Islands Dalmas Team was quite good, although there were some movements that looked less than unified when following the commands. Meanwhile, the formation for shelter when anticipating rioting crowds still looks less dense and sturdy.

In accumulation, of the 4 Polres participants who appeared on the first day of the competition, the Dalmas actions from the Polres Metro Depok and the Polres Metro Jakarta Selatan  were objectively in close competition. It could be said that these two teams were the top two in the competition on the first day.

But the road to becoming champion is still long. There are still 9 more Polres stations that will demonstrate on the second day tomorrow and the third day the day after tomorrow. Who is the best? Let’s see, yeah. (Bembo)

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